Condo Creativity 

The closer I get to move in day, the closer I get to finishing all the projects. The other day I finished all the tables and chairs I’ve been painting by putting a final seal on them. Then the other day, my mom finished the head board by adding the buttons. Everything is coming together, bills are getting set up, and I am getting extremely nervous. Moving out…I’m really doing this…ahhhhhh!!!!  The head board ended up being absolutely gorgeous. No other way to put it. My mom and dad did such an amazing job, to the point where I think they should start a business in making head boards. I am so happy with the outcome and can’t wait to see it in my bedroom.    Click here if you want to check out the steps to making your very own head board. As for the buttons, measure where they are going to go ahead of time, before you put anything on the board. Then drill the holes. Then follow the steps of covering the board and lastly add the buttons. Use a long needle to put the buttons through, use thick twine as the thread. Then twist tie it through flat buttons on the back in order to stop the twine from pulling through the front.   

  Lastly, feel free to add a thin piece of plywood the exact same shape and size on the back to cover up all the loose fabric and buttons. We have cut the same size board and are going to paint it white, in order to make it look even more professional. 

And as we paid our respects yesterday to all of our veterans who gave us this incredible life of freedom. I feel as though now I can talk even more about Christmas. The kids and I decided to decorate our door in a fun wintery theme. Christmas door is to come!  


remembrance day & a skinny vanilla latte
 Although yesterday is over, let’s carry on the same attitude. Be peaceful. Be thankful. Be kind. Be happy. Yesterday, today & always. And to finish off, in the Christmas spirit, me and my little elf!   

“That’s what friends are for. They help you to be more of who you are.” – Christopher Robin

– tal xo


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