Condo Designing & Christmas Decorating

This weekend was very full of fun activities and a lot of condo shopping. Storm game, pedicure, Hockley Valley, Church, shopping…let’s just say, it was very busy in the best way possible.  Saturday the spa I use to work at invited me to their Christmas party which was a limo to Hockley Valley for dinner and Yuk Yuk’s. It was such a fun night out with the girls. Before the Christmas party I went to the spa for a pedicure, and it was just the best. If anyone lives in the Fergus area, I would highly suggest Mosaic Spa. Men, women, no matter the age…pedicures are just the best. They’re so relaxing, the estheticians there make for amazing conversation and you walk away with pretty feet. I mean who doesn’t love pretty feet!? Plus they will even make you a delicious latte, to enjoy with your yummy gf granola bar. (Ok so the granola bar I may have brought myself! Don’t you get hungry during pedi’s?!)    

On Sunday, my mom sister Parker and I headed to church. We go to Lakeside in Guelph, and it’s a great place to go. It’s so low key, laid back and full of great lessons. After church, we headed to Bouclair and Michaels where I found some more Christmas decorations, most importantly my stockings which I have been searching high and low for. (Do people seriously still buy those tacky red and green stockings with an ugly scary looking Santa on it that looks like it should cost $2??) As well as a big piece of art for the entry way in my condo. Reid’s (my condo builders) decided it would be a good idea, to put an electrical panel right in my entry way…so in my beautifully white and bright condo BAM there’s an ugly green electrical panel. Yuck. So I found a piece of art, on a canvas with a hallow back to go over top and hide it.   


 At my parents place, they had a little blue barn in their backyard and my dad is in the process of tearing it down. So we ventured back there and realized it was a gorgeous old brown and green wood under the ugly blue siding. It was just calling for some family photo’s to be taken! In the moment we all just started posing and took some pictures, talk about unplanned and on the spot. If anyone is getting married next weekend and needs a location for photos, OR if you are getting engagement or family photos done, the barn will be up for another week and I’m telling you it is a beautiful backdrop.   

 I ended the weekend with heading to my favourite designer store in Elora, Angus & Company. Today I met the owner who is a designer from Toronto and he was fantastic. Last time I was in, I got chatting with the owners partner who also was a joy to talk to. I was on the hunt for a basket to go in front of my fireplace for blankets. As you all know, I am extremely picky. So, very, picky. So I had this vision in my mind, and everywhere I looked I could not find the right basket. Until today. It’s almost more of a bag, but I am going to use it as a basket. I’m telling you all, check out this store. As soon as you step foot inside, you would swear you’re either downtown Oakville or on Bloor St. in Toronto. Its such a great little designer store full of so much neat stuff. Adding small little details to a room, can totally update the look of the whole room. A full room of Ikea, looks like a full room of Ikea. I know Ikea has a time and place, but you must mix in expensive designer pieces so the room looks classy and expensive.  Weekends are such a great time to remind me how amazing of friends and family I have. Especially that little Parker boy, his smile can brighten a day instantly. After a fun packed weekend, it makes my heart so full of happiness. I continued doing my daily meditations this weekend, and have now completed a full 7 days. I can’t even explain how amazing meditating in the morning, before getting out of bed is. It has such a positive effect on your day. For anyone who is looking to try something like this out, check out Oprah & Deepak 21 Day Meditation.  “The love of what you do, combined with your belief in what you do, will not determine your success. It will determine how hard you will work and how dedicated you will be to achieving it.”  — Jeffrey Gitomer

– tal xo


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