Head Board Tutorial

The past few days, my brother in law, dad and mom worked super hard to build me a gorgeous head board. My mom has made two before and they turned out amazing. This time we decided to add a curve to the top, to make it even classier as well we’re going to add buttons. Here is a simple tutorial on how to make your very own head board.  Step 1: Cut a piece of plywood. My dad owns a kitchen company, so this step was very simple as they have a machine that can cut wood in any shape and size. I went to the shop, and Ryan and I designed the shape and size I wanted on the computer, and then the machine cut the wood. If you do not have this luxury, just use a simple rectangular piece of plywood.   Step 2: Cut out foam to match size of the board. For this step we bought foam from Len’s Mill Store. A big rectangular piece, placed it on top of the board and cut it with a knife to match the shape. 

Step 3:  Glue down the foam. For this step, we used special glue (from my dads work) to glue down the foam.  This step is not mandatory, it just helps in the process of everything staying in one place while putting it together.  Step 4: Cover the foam with batting. Once the foam is glued down, now cover it with batting, fold it over the edges and staple gun it down on the back.      Step 5: Cover with your selected material. I bought material way back when from Fabricland, on sale of course! At this point, cover both the foam and batting, and staple gun the material down. This is the important step, you want to be very careful to get the material straight, and exactly how you want it THEN staple it.  (Make sure to iron material before finally stapling it on.)    

*option for buttons. If buttons are desired, you must drill holes in the board before covering it with anything. Then get the buttons covered in your desired material (I paid a seamstress to do this as it’s fairly hard). Then use a very long, pointy needle to put all the way through every layer, then with twine attach the buttons. 

voila! a complete, gorgeous, beautiful head board, for a fraction of the price you would pay in stores.

And just like that, you have a custom made, gorgeous head board that you could sell in stores for $500. I could not afford to buy a head board as they are incredibly expensive in stores. This final product, is actually much classier than I had seen in any store. 

Final photos with the buttons, and the head board in my finished bedroom are to come! 

To finish off here are a few cute Halloween pictures from over the weekend. My absolute favourite part about Halloween is having the cutest little kids come visit me!    

 Hope you can be creative and make your very own head board. If you do, please share your photos with me! Happy Monday 🙂 

“To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.” – Giorgio Armani 

– tal xo 


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