Halloween today, means condo Christmas decoration ideas begin tomorrow!!!

So let’s just say, I am not really a big Halloween kind of person. I really never have been. I don’t love candy, and I don’t love chocolate. As my mom use to say, I would pick celery over a chocolate bar any day. And as for the dressing up part, it’s fun but it’s a lot of work. And ok let’s just get something out, the only reason I like Halloween? Because it’s means the day after I can start thinking about CHRISTMAS!!!   November 1 means Christmas music can begin, Christmas shopping can start and every thought can focus on Christmas. And if you didn’t know, I love Christmas.   The best part in my mind about Christmas is all of the family gatherings, the friend gatherings, all the time spent with people you love.    

   Last year my bff and I had a “Christmas Outing”. We started with sushi lunch, grabbed a latte at Starbucks, got an amazing facial at a spa and finished with exchanging our yearly Pandora charm gifts. It’s things like this that make me enjoy Christmas so much.   So today, enjoy Halloween and remember, tomorrow means Christmas time! Which means, I can start shopping for Christmas condo decorations. Oh wait…I already have started that! I bought a white Christmas tree and decorations last year at Target when everything was on sale after Christmas. I got stocking holders for my mantle (my mantle that I hadn’t even bought yet!). So now I’m just on the hunt for a few more things. And seeing as tomorrow is November, I may just start that shopping today!   Here are some pictures of my condo decoration inspiration! 



Have a safe and happy Halloween. And if you have cute little ones dressed up, I would LOVE to have little visitors here tonight! 

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” 

– tal xo 


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