Let’s Go Blue Jays!

I have three words…

GO JAYS GO!!!!!!!!!  Holy moly, tell me you all watched that amazing, incredible game. Wow. That was so much fun to watch. And now we get to watch a whole new series!! The best part about the Jays winning is how much it is bringing people together. Friends, family, schools, cities…everyone is cheering for one team and it is making me feel so united with so many people. Hanging out with friends and family while watching these games, and everyone having so much passion for the team has been something I will never forget.   

best.picture.ever. seriously how awesome was this moment in the game?!
 Seeing as this is a fashion blog, and not a sports blog, I will add a little fashion in. Best place to buy Jays attire? National Sport. Plus, if you go to the one in Waterloo it’s right beside Starbucks so you can shop for a cute top and hat while sipping a latte.  (I mean what gets better than that?! Jays & Starbucks, yes please.) 
my shirt i got both piecese for $32 at national sport. & they have tons of mens shirts like that one as well.
 Thank you Blue Jays for being amazing, and not only bringing a city together but an entire country.  #cometogether 

“It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you don’t care who gets the credit.” – R.A. Dickey 

– tal xo 


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