Condo, Converse & Concerts

Ahh yes, it’s Monday. How does Monday always show up so fast? Wasn’t it JUST the weekend? Well speaking of the weekend, I had an absolutely great one. It was a busy, fully packed couple days filled with condo finds, some T Swift and Elora touristing.   Friday night, my brother in law and I drove down to Dundas with the truck to check out a white electric fireplace. I have been on the hunt for a white fireplace for the condo for about a year. And I’m not sure if anyone knows or not, but I’m slightly picky. (And by slightly, I mean extremely, ridiculously picky.) I have a vision in my mind, and I cannot buy anything unless it perfectly matches my vision. And finally, I found the fireplace I envisioned. I’m going to put it in my living room, and the tv on a mount over top.   Next up was a day with the girls, shopping, eating and singing. We went to the outlets in Milton, then to Amsterdam Brewery downtown Totonto and then to the T Swift concert. Such a fantastic day. And for anyone who hasn’t heard, the outlets in Milton are just amazing. I especially like walking around Restoration Hardware and seeing what kind of furniture is in style. It’s an expensive store, but gives me great ideas. Kate Spade was full of amazing deals. I held back, but my friend bought an absolutely beautiful big purse on sale for $120 regular something like $300. And I bought a great necklace from J Crew reg. $60 on for $15. But the best deals, are always at the Cosmetic Company. I got Smashbox bronzer, lip stick, lip gloss and mascara for $33!! When you need make up, this store is a must.      

put this necklace with any black outfit to add a pop of colour.

We had so much fun hanging out, chatting, laughing. Nights out with a great group of girls is always so much fun, and makes me appreciate all the amazing people in my life.   Lastly, we finished the weekend with a day spent in Elora. We went to the Horse and Hound parade, then toured around the Elora Mill (which is soon going to be renovated) and ended with some shopping and of course a tea from Ashanti. I found the best moccasins and let me just say, they are SO comfy. If you need a new pair of slippers to keep your toesies warm this winter, check out Steves Sheepskin & Leather Shops on Mill St.


 On this Monday, I hope your coffee is strong, your pants are comfy, and your day is short! Enjoy today, & this week and don’t forget to pull your fall scarves and boots out.

“I shouldn’t ask for more. I’ve got so many things I should be thankful for.” –Rapunzel

– tal xo


One thought on “Condo, Converse & Concerts

  1. Sounds fun and I would love to go to that mall with you! I started to go by myself one day and it just wasn’t as fun so I turned around and left the parking lot!

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