Life Lately 

Life lately has been busy, fun and full of a whole lot of happy. I find it amazing how much of a difference my life has felt since reading happiness books, writing down what I’m grateful for, and making a serious effort to keep a positive mind set. 

If anyone is looking for a new book to read this October while cozied up on the couch, I highly suggest The Happiness Project. It is a great book to teach you key little things to do in your life to bring more happiness.  

 My friends and I went to the Jays game this past weekend, and we just had so much fun. This team right now is so passionate and determined to win. I guess I’m so use to watching the Leafs who could careless if they win or lose, that this has been such a nice change. Plus catching up with my cousin and his wife who live in Ottawa was awesome!  

    Parker has just been as cute as usual, he recently has learnt to clap and oh my, it is just the cutest thing ever! (But I think I’m biased, everything he does I find cute.)    

ok everything except wearing a sens hat…not sure i think that is cute.
 And well, that’s life lately! 

“And so, she decided to start living the life she’d imagined.” 

– tal xo


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