5 necessities for fall…

Happy first day of fall! I know if I were writing this blog post about the first day of winter, a lot of people would not be nearly as happy as they are when I talk about fall. Fall is one of those seasons, that is just so impossible not to love. Who doesn’t love cozying up for a movie on the couch? And wearing big scarves? And drinking lots of Starbucks? I mean come on, fall already sounds amazing.


I will give you 5 crucial necessities to get you through this fall season…

1. Hunter boots – for both you and your children. Hunters are the absolute BEST invention for fall. When it starts getting muggy, and mucky outside they can get as dirty as they want, and all you need to do is wash them off. Plus once it starts to get cold, you can add your Hunter socks, and your feet (and pants) are now protected from the muck and warm and cozy.


2. Starbucks – even if you don’t like pumpkin spice (although just a heads up, Starbucks has changed the PSL and it has real pumpkin in it, although it is still not my favourite it definitely is better) warming up to any of their lattes is just that much better in the fall. Grabbing a latte and walking through a park with the leaves changing, nothing can beat that.


3. Converse – again for both you and your little ones. Especially a dark colour such as grey or black. These shoes can make any outfit look cute and just go absolutely PERFECTLY with your boyfriend jeans and blanket scarf. The best part about the dark coloured converse is they surprisingly stay very clean, I have worn them camping, biking, cottaging, multiple times and they’re still in perfect shape. Just a tip, if you have small feet, buy kids converse. They look the exact same and are half the price…both my pairs are kids 😉


4. Blanket Scarf – I mean come on, is this scarf not just screaming fall? The thing about these scarves are they don’t just look good, but they are so useful for keeping you warm. You are literally wearing a blanket around your neck, uhhh hello style and practicality. Whoever invited this style, I thank you.

although this is the scarf picture, note the converse shoes and boyfriend jeans…everything screams comfy and fall!

5. Vests – vests come in so handy during fall when it’s not too cold and not too hot plus they look fantastic! J.Crew is the number one place to find a stylish vest, and remember never pay full price keep an eye for deals. The Gap is a close second, they quite often also have great vests. And to go with a vest during fall, a great pair of brown boots. Add your leopard scarf, and you are all set.

fall10fall11Let’s all enjoy this beautiful fall, and focus on the present, the now. If we think into the future not only will we have negative thoughts about winter but it will also mean we aren’t 100% enjoying right now. Take in everything that’s happening in your life right now, and enjoy it. Get out there, try new things, make life interesting. If not now, when?


-tal xo

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