Yoga Retreat

This past weekend, I attended my first ever yoga retreat. I have for years now done mostly hot yoga as my type of exercise, and absolutely love it. It’s not only relaxing and meditating, but also can be really hard and a great work out. I truly feel as though it is good for my mind body and soul, which is so nice to accomplish all of that in a workout session. So the yoga studio I go to in Fergus was hosting a Yoga Retreat right around here in Belwood. My sister, friend and I figured what the heck why not try it out?   This retreat was an absolute AMAZING time, I cannot say enough good things about it. In the morning we started with a fairly hard 90 minutes of yoga, we then had some down time to relax and enjoy each others company, we then ate a delicious (I mean like SO delicious) vegetarian and gluten free lunch, which lead us to a hike, then meditation and restorative yoga. The day was amazing.  To be honest, I think what I loved most about this day was getting to spend it with both my sister Kaileigh, and friend Kim. It is rare that you and your friends and or family are ever stuck in a barn for the entire day with literally no where to go. We had so much time to just enjoy each other, talk and have fun. By the end of the day, I was just so incredibly grateful for that time spent with them.  If anyone is looking for a way to spend some amazing quality time with family and friends, I highly suggest following Shakti Power Studio on facebook and keep an eye out for their next retreat. Nerine (one of the incredible yoga instructors) mentioned having another retreat come winter, which I think would be so fantastic. The yoga barn is so cozy, and feels as though it is in the middle of no where, cozying up in a barn in cold weather with snow falling, doing yoga and meditation, could it get any better?  Let me just mention, that this incredible day which included lunch, a snack, and so much yoga only cost $50 for the ENTIRE day. Crazy right? I understand that money can’t buy happiness and I would have been quite willing to spend more, but the incredible price of the day made it just that much better.

Keep an eye open for another upcoming retreat, and do it. No questions asked, no “oh I don’t have time” or “I think I would get bored” or “I’m not good enough at yoga” no. Just do it. For yourself, take the time, I’m telling you it will be so amazing for your mind body and soul.  – tal xo


3 thoughts on “Yoga Retreat

  1. Sometimes you read something perfect at exactly the right time. I needed to revisit the weekend today and you helped me. Thank you. You’re a blessing.

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