Designer Shops & Coffee Spots 

Anyone who knows me, knows there’s one place on this planet that just makes me so happy, Elora. Everything about Elora, I love. The homes, the people, mill street, the schools, everything. I just adore Elora. And one day, I hope I’ll live there again. But for now, I just make very frequent visits to Mill Street for coffee and shopping.  This weekend, Sunday was absolutely beautiful. The sun was shining, it was warm, it was just a gorgeous day. So my mom and I headed down to Elora to grab an ice cappuccino, which by the way Ashanti makes the BEST ice cappuccinos ever (and you can even get a “skinny” version with skim milk and sugar free syrup). We then decided to wander into some shops.   There is a new store called Angus and Company, they originated downtown Toronto and just recently moved the store here. And let me tell you, it’s fantastic. It has some really nice furniture and decorative pieces and has designer written all over it. Which makes sense, because one of the owners is a designer. When I was in there I ended up chatting with the one owner for a while (I know I know, super surprising that I would start up a long chat with a complete stranger, so unlike me. Ha!) and he was so lovely. He was great to talk to and it made me want to shop at his store even more knowing how cool he is. If you’re looking for furniture, pictures, candles or anything house related, check this store out.   

We then of course we had to check out Epiphany because well, why not? And while in there I found a really neat, pretty coffee mug. So while staring at the coffee mug thinking what could I buy this for, I decided to make an activity for the Scott family. All the women are going to bring a new, cool mug up to the cottage and we’re going to throw out the old ugly mugs and make a fun new collection. Cool idea right?! This way when we’re all cozy in the cottage drinking our tea and coffee, we can do so in a collection of unique mugs from all different places.  

It was a great weekend, filled with family and friends and Parker’s first visit to the Fergus Fall Fair. Such a perfect day weather wise for a fall fair.   

I hope everyone has a great start to the week and enjoys the sunshine. & remember, some of the best days of your life, haven’t even happened yet. It makes me so happy thinking about that and enjoying not knowing what exciting things will happen in my future. 

– tal xo


One thought on “Designer Shops & Coffee Spots 

  1. I love that you are from Toronto! I am always on the hunt for cool places to go and see here in the city, and I will definitely check this place out! What is the cost like, though?

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