Feelin’ like Fall

We decided to fit in one last camping weekend before calling the trailer quits for the year. My sister, her husband, Parker and I all went in their new fifth wheel and our cousins came along too. I often think about how lucky I am to have the incredible family I do. I am so grateful that not only am I so close with my immediate family, but with my cousins too. This weekend, I caught myself multiple times taking everything in and just appreciating life itself. I am so lucky to call the Scott family mine.   We started off the weekend by stopping at Starbucks on the way. The air was crisp and a latte was calling my sisters and I’s names. And in the process, we got her husband hooked on skinny vanilla lattes (but don’t tell him I told you, he pretends he hates them). As soon as we got to the campground we were in relax mode, and it was great.   My best friend and her daughter/my mini me came for a visit which was great. Her daughter Blayke knows how to get to my heart through her cuteness and love for fashion. We have matching hunter boots and possibly matching attitudes as well!     Albion hills is the campground, and it has some awesome biking trails. Although it rained and was chilly we still fit in some bike rides. And let’s just say between the music blasting from my bose speaker in my bike basket, to my little cousins going on a crazy ride in the carrier behind my brother in laws bike, to my 4 year old cousin randomly finding a river to pee in…it was one interesting and entertaining bike ride!   We ended the afternoon by cozying up in our cousins trailer and watching a movie. Nothing beats having 9 people cuddled into a warm trailer listening to the rain pour and wind blow outside.


This time of year calls for big scarves, Hunter boots, Starbucks and sweaters. If you’re looking for a blanket scarf like I’m wearing in the pictures, I bought it at Garage. As for Hunter boots, well they’re just about everywhere including The Bay. Starbucks, I won’t lie…I much prefer a skinny vanilla over a pumpkin spice but whatever floats your boat! Enjoy this next week of hot sunny weather because I have a feeling shortly we will have more chilly weather like this past weekend than we will have of sunny days. & don’t forget to be writing down everything you’re grateful for every morning.

“Be grateful for small things, big things, and everything in between. Count your blessings not your problems.” 

– tal xo


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