Back to school…back to school…to prove to Dad I am not a fool…

Back to school…back to school… I can’t believe I’m saying it but it is that time of year again. I hope you’ve got all of your kids shopping done, have accepted the fact you have to make lunches again for the next 10 months and are pumped about finally having a clean house now that your kids aren’t going to destroy it any longer. (Ok let’s be serious, I’m sure they can still destroy it once they get home from school everyday.)


I brought my cousin, who is going into grade 9, back to school shopping the other day, and we had a blast! Mind you, I should have known better, never leave back to school shopping till the end of August. There are no sales. Like literally barely any sales. But…Madi and I still managed to find the odd marked down item that was out there and we snatched it up.

ok so obviously i couldn’t just not buy myself anything…right? so i did. american eagle sale rack, always has a deal or two. $7 shirt. $14 tights.
 It’s little things like going shopping for the day, or watching the jays game with my other cousins, or hanging out with Parker that make me realize just how amazing my family really is.   After witnessing a horrible car accident on the way home from setting up my classroom, I came home and just thought about life for awhile. Life really can change in an instance. Appreciate everything. Appreciate family, friends, happiness, health. Because quite literally it can be gone before your eyes.

Today I am so thankful for so many things and am appreciating the fact that I get to go back to work next week and enjoy meeting a whole new group of little kiddies, who’s moms are behind their sunglasses balling their eyes out (Crystal…Kymo…) who have no idea how much I am going to adore their children. I cannot wait to get to know each and every new little personality.  

dorkiest teacher award goes to….me!
Life’s way too short to waste it. Try new things, make new friends, make life exciting. Because if not now, when?
IMG_5119 – tal xo

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