What are you truly grateful for? 

Do you ever sit there and wonder where has the time gone? How can it possibly be August when it was just June. How can I possibly be 26 when I was just 19? Why as you get older does time go by so much faster? Well I’ve really started thinking and wondering and questioning this. Recently I realized how much I rush through life.   The other day, I was rushing around like a mad man trying to get to yoga on time…then afterwards I quickly ran into the grocery store, only to rush back to Elora to grab a coffee on Mill street to then run home and make dinner before my massage. Massage, something that should be relaxing, right? I laid there the entire time thinking about my classroom in September and everything I have to do this next week to get ready to go back to work. Ok PAUSE. Holy crap. No freakin wonder time flies by!!! Stop and appreciate life. Enjoy yoga, the few 60 minutes I have to just be there and turn my mind off. A coffee on mill street in my favourite town, enjoy it. Sit down. Stop running around and take in the coffee shop.   Appreciate life. Appreciate the little things, the big things. Stop wasting so much time all to fit more in. Today is the day to focus on. Tomorrow isn’t here yet, so why worry so much about it? It’s life, no one knows what tomorrow may bring. So let’s all calm down, relax and enjoy the little things. 

I mentioned in my last post about writing down 3 things a day that you are grateful for. This has been an absolutely amazing exercise for me to realize all the little things (and even big things) that I am so grateful for. Things that I just take for granted.   Let’s enjoy life a little bit more, because before our eyes it’s just going to be gone. And we won’t even remember what we did last year, last month, last week. 

Today, I am grateful for my career which has made me able to buy both a new car and a home, what more could I ask for? I’m also grateful for my health, that I can read, write, exercise. And lastly today I am grateful for my amazing, incredible grandma Eileen who has never had one ounce of doubt in me. When the world thinks I can’t do it, she tells me I can. And she will never know how much this has helped me through life.   What are you grateful for? 

– tal xo 

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