So I have a new obsession which is, boyfriend jeans. I question whether maybe I love them so much all because they’re called boyfriend jeans, and since I’m single as per usual, I can call my jeans my boyfriend. Totally makes sense, right?! Anyways in all seriousness, I’m in love with this look and you all need to hop on board.   Within time you are going to see the boyfriend jeans, baggy, holey, look everywhere. I promise you. The best part about these jeans is you can wear them with your converse for a casual look or with a sweet pair of heels for a dressy look.       If you’re wondering where to buy yourself a pair of these I suggest the Gap. I bought mine which were regular $65 on for $23. And let me just say, they are so flipping comfy. It’s like wearing track pants but stylish. 

Next up a simple, so simple recipe. I don’t know why but I have just been loving a delicious sandwich lately. Full of fresh veggies and meat. Of course you can get your gluten free bread at Sugar Babies in Elmira and all the veggies at the St Jacobs market. Add a pickle to the side and voila. On mine, I love fresh greens, cucumbers, peppers, tomato, Dijon mustard, ham and chicken, and cheese.   Update on the condo situation, since I’m pretty positive most of my readers are convinced I haven’t even bought a condo and am living at home forever, but no it is in fact being built and is now within 90 days so cannot be pushed back any further. I should finally have it by the end of November…only 5 months late…no big deal. It’s not like I bought it and actually wanted to move in or anything. Everything happens for a reason though so I keep thinking positively that it happened in order for me to save.   I hope all my readers are going out this second to get themselves a pair of boyfriend jeans. & a quick tip for this beautiful Monday morning, if you say thank you seven times in a row and mean and feel it, it will improve your day.   

-tal xo 


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