Summertime Shopping

So apparently summer took over, I got busy…and my poor blog got forgotten about. I apologize! But I’ll start by saying, this summer has been a great learning couple of months. I have learnt so much about myself and about others. And most importantly, I have once again been reminded of how amazing my friends and family are. It always seems to be through a negative situation that you’re reminded just how amazing you really do have it. I can’t even begin to explain how many amazing people I have in my life, who I can call at any time of the day and know they will always be there. Sometimes my heart just feels so full. So now that I’ve gushed out my feelings, moving on to shopping.

My mom and I the other day headed to my most favourite city, Oakville. One day I’m going to live there, I’m convinced. But for now, visits will do. As per usual, I had great luck at Anthropologie. One of my fav stores. They have a sale room at the Oakville location that is always full of amazing finds. The more time you spend in there, the more luck you’ll have. I found the cutest little romper that I just couldn’t walk away from. Not only is it cute, but it is SO comfy. And let’s be serious, who doesn’t love looking good and being comfy. My mom also found a super cute top. Like I’ve said before and will say again, you can always find “different” clothes at anthro. Not the typical clothes you’ll find in every other store, but unique cute little outfits.    
I then had to make my way to the outlets in Milton, by “had” to I actually mean I had to. My Bose speaker I got for my birthday in April stopped working so I had to go exchange it for a new one. Btw…Bose has amazing warranty. No questions asked, it stopped working here is a new one. I love companies like that. So while I was there I stopped in at my two favourite stores, J Crew and The Cosmetic Company. Stalked up on Clinique make-up for 25% cheaper than what you would spend at The Bay or Sears, and got a new sweater for work from J Crew. Not like I needed anymore clothes, but this sweater was on sale for $12…like come on, how could I turn it down? I also got these jean shorts from American Eagle which are the perfect shorts for summer to go with just about any and every top you own.  

Lastly, a little up date on my summer time activities. It’s been a fun and super busy summer. I don’t know where the time is going but it feels like we were just in June. I’ve been camping, at the cottage tons and just this past weekend got to go to my good friend from college (and fantastic lash ladies) wedding. She looked a-mazing, as expected and it was a beautiful wedding. I would defiantly say the highlight of my summer has been sitting by the lake at the cottage and hanging out with my little love, Parker pants.    


I hope all my readers are enjoying summer as much as I am, and if you have an extra couple of hours and are looking for something to do…go to Anthro or the outlets. & in the mean time, take a second to appreciate all the amazing people in your life.

“Your best teacher, is your last mistake.” – unknown 

– tal xo


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