Homemade Essential Oil Handsoap 

Have you ever washed your hands and walked away thinking, man my hands feel dry or ugh that is some seriously gross smelling soap. Maybe it’s just me, but these two things cross my mind all the time. I can’t stand too perfumey soap, or soap that takes all the hydration out of my hands or that cheap smelling soap. So I decided to do something about it.   

I have just recently gotten into this essential oil band wagon. I must say that when this whole trend started I was skeptical. Does it really work? Do they do anything or just smell good? Well my mom actually started using oils first and swears by the two she has. So I bought some. And I decided to make homemade soap out of them. SUCH a good decision. I am totally in love with the soap I made. So if you have essential oils laying around, or if you want to buy some (health food store, young living, doTerra), do it and make this incredible soap. After I made it, I tried it out and my hands not only smelt amazing but they feel so incredibly soft.   

Essential Oil Hand Soap 


  • 2 tbsp. Castile soap (I used Dr.Bronners Magic Soaps – unscented, bought this at health food store) 
  • 1 tbsp. coconut oil 
  • 10 drops essential oils (I used lavender in one and 5 drops breath 5 drops lemon in another) 
  • Water 

Directions: mix all ingredients together. Add water, mix. Voila, that’s it! Enjoy. 

If you have foaming hand soap bottles they work best but you can just buy a normal soap container from HomeSense which also does the job, you just have to rub your hands together to make it soapy. I also bought plain shower gel from the health food store and added my favourite essential oil (lavender) and now it feels and smells amazing.  

the two soap dishes i used. one pretty one, and one foaming container. both have their benefts.

Here are just a few health benefits to the essential oil lavender:   

And there you have it…how to make amazing soap for your home, cottage, trailer and wherever else you may use soap! 

– tal xo 


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