Cafes, Cheesecake & Chinese Food! 

So this past Tuesday was a special day, Mamma Bear’s birthday. I always enjoy making birthdays a big deal. Who wants to sit around and do nothing on such an exciting day?! Not me! And since I like to make my own day special, I also like to make others special for them.

We started out by going to the Blue Bird Cafe in Orangeville for lunch with my mom, sister, Parker, Grandma and I. And let me tell you, if you’re looking for a delicious, quaint little restaurant this is the one. It would be perfect to go with girlfriends, or to celebrate a birthday or well I would use just about any reason to go and eat their food. Their menu is so delicious. They have homemade pizza, gluten free pasta, homemade soup…just about everything you can ask for on a lunch (and dinner) menu. We all enjoyed our lunch plus they even have homemade dessert for those of you who like that!


they have renovated and now have a full bar on the one side of the restaurant.
they have renovated and now have a full bar on the one side of the restaurant.


although their pizza is not technically gluten free, they said the dough is made from refined italian flour and has a very small amount of gluten. so eat at your own risk!

Next up was a gift for mamma bear. So not only do my sister and I have to think of gifts from us but we also generally need to give my dad ideas to give her. So this year was the year of bracelets. We bought her a gorgeous “Tiffany” type bracelet from Macadi in Elora (I have the actual Tiffany one and absolutely adore it and wear it every single day). She has wanted one similar for awhile but didn’t want to spend the $350 or so from Tiffany. This bracelet from Macadi is almost identical. And as for my dad I suggested he get her a Pandora, the bangle bracelet with a charm for Parker. So he did. Both were a huge hit. Which by the way, if you live in the Fergus area they sell Pandora at Ron Wilkin Jewellers and if you’re anything like my family, we love to support locally. The best part about the Pandora, is now when any of us need a Christmas or birthday or mothers day idea, we can buy her charms!

this isn't my moms bracelet, as I forgot to take a picture of hers, but it looks identical to this one.
this isn’t my moms bracelet, as I forgot to take a picture of hers, but it looks identical to this one.
love the bangle style Pandora, so stylish!

For dinner we had a few options, going out, ordering in, making something. But because we were away all afternoon and I wouldn’t be able to cook, making something was crossed off the list. And then we decided why don’t we just order in Chinese. Which actually worked out nicely. (Plus I love how much gluten free Chinese food there is.) We always order from a little restaurant in Elora called New Happy Garden.

It was so yummy. But of course after dinner calls for birthday cake. I ordered the absolutely amazing cheesecake from a bakery in Elora called E and G Bakery. I’m telling you, it is Seriously. $35 gets you a freshly baked cheesecake that is so beyond full of flavour. Next time you need a cake, order one from here.


And that was it. Just like that mamma bears birthday festivities were over. It’s crazy how fast a birthday can pass by, it’s why it’s so important to celebrate to the fullest. It also makes you realize how fast the past year has flown by, so appreciate the little things, be present and enjoy each and every day.

“Don’t regret growing older, it’s a privilege denied to many.”

– tal xo

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