More Lashes!

A few weeks back I wrote a blog post on eyelash extensions, and I figured after visiting La Debonaire last night for a fill I just had to give an update. You’ll never guess, but yes I am still absolutely in LOVE. I am totally obsessed. I cannot say enough about Helen’s lashes. I told Helen originally I wanted them put on for the wedding and that I wasn’t positive whether I would continue getting fills… 3 weeks after getting them put on, where was I? Back in Stratford getting a fill! I’m telling you ladies, you must try it out. A friend of mine went and got them put on, and lets just say she knows her stuff, she is a fellow esthetician, and she has had lashes put on before. Her answer to my text…”Love love love them!!” Enough said. lashes3lashes6 After my last post I had a ton of questions on cost. The thing with the cost is, its a commitment so don’t let the initial cost scare you and also, the cost can vary depending on your own lashes. The initial cost ranges anywhere from $150-$250 depending on how many lashes you originally have. Your first fill is free (thaaaaank you Helen!) and from then on fills are either $25 every two weeks or $50 every four weeks. If you compare this to most other places, not only is Helen one of the best at applying the lashes, but she also is one of the least expensive.

this is right after my fill…they look brand new, right?!

I can now say I am officially addicted to eyelash extensions…and I’m sure not complaining. Now as for the location, many of you live on this side of Waterloo so are not sure about the drive, but have you been to Stratford recently!? It’s like a mini Elora. It’s beautiful and has so many amazing little shops and restaurants. After last nights appointment, I went for thai food at a little thai restaurant called Stratford Thai Cuisine and it is one of the best thai meals I have ever had. Plus the restaurant was so cute and quaint with great prices. I ordered the fresh spring rolls and pineapple curry, I highly recommend both! lashes7 If anyone has a wedding, or event coming up, I’m telling you get those lashes of yours done. Do it now…thank me later.

– tal xo

for more info on Helen’s lash extensions, call 519.271.1730 or e-mail or send Helen a msg on La Debonaire’s facebook page.


One thought on “More Lashes!

  1. It was lovely to meet you briefly Tal at La Debonaire yesterday! Your excitment just radiated off your face and your lashes look beautiful!

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