Life Lately…

Nothing can possibly beat summer. Summer just brings out all the fun, all the hang outs with family and friends, cottaging, camping, weddings. And it has already started. I feel as though there are two starts to summer. The first one being in June, because the weather starts to get really warm and July is just around the corner. Then the second start to summer is July, when summer break starts for all the school kiddies (& teachers). So far June has been a fun filled summer month.   The other night my Aunt had a pool party at her place and it was fantastic. The morning started out a little rainy but the day turned into a beautiful, sunny day. I mean really, what beats a fun pool party where you can hang out with all your family and neighbours.   

Parker. He’s been a definite part of my life lately. He’s just so stinkin’ cute that I have to hang out with him as much as possible. The other night during Sunday Funday (our weekly family dinner) I was laying down on the ground with Parker and closed my eyes…he started to pull my lips, my nose, apparently he doesn’t like it when I ignore him!   

Lastly, life lately has been all about yoga. I am the first person to say I love, love, love, absolutely adore hot yoga. I use to not even consider the possibility of going to non-hot yoga cause I had it in my mind that non-hot wasn’t a work out. Well let’s just say, I was terribly wrong. I am totally loving Shakti’s yoga. It is by far harder than any hot yoga class I have ever taken. Now don’t get me wrong, I miss PYC yoga a ton and want it back in my life, but I really truly am loving yoga in Fergus. Especially Saturday mornings at 7:30am. If you want a good way to start your weekend off, come out and take a yoga class with me bright and early this weekend.  Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday! 

– tal xo  



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