Camping – Eat well, dress well. 

It’s Monday! Who doesn’t love Monday?! Oh ya…I don’t! But this Monday I actually am a little happy, because now there are only TWO more Monday’s until summer…that’s something to be excited about.   

This past weekend my family and I went camping at Albion Hills Conservation and I just have to mention how great of a campground it is. It’s clean, it’s beautiful, it has a beautiful pool and it has some amazing bike trails. Now for anyone who knows me well, they know about the “pink princess”. My bike. Let’s just say my bike had a tough time making it through all the trails. (These trails were meant for real bikers, you should have seen the people biking past me…they were hard core.) But I had fun anyways!     

This camping trip was Parker’s first ever! And let’s just say, I think he loved it. He loved being outside all day in the fresh air and he especially loved Auntie Tal’s dorky songs all weekend long.    

Before leaving for camping, I stocked up on gluten free food at Sugar Babies in Elmira. I’ve talked about this bakery before, and I will continue talking about it over and over. Man is her food amazing. I bought a loaf of bread, 4 bagels, 4 muffins and 2 cupcakes. All of that for with tax only $26. And I’m telling you, best gluten free food I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a lot). When camping it’s important to bring options with you so when everyone you’re camping with wants to have sandwiches you’re not that annoying gluten free person saying “but I can’t eat sandwiches”. Or when everyone is having a quick breakfast of toast or bagels, you too can have that! I hadn’t had a bagel since going gluten free two years ago, and Saturday morning that bagel sure did just hit the spot.  

cherry cheesecake gluten free cupcake…amazing.

Just remember it’s possible to both look good and eat well while camping! Enjoy this rainy Monday…all you kids (and moms), it’s almost summer!!!! 

“All good things are wild and free.” 

– tal 


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