Lovely, Lazy, Long Weekend. 

May 24 as I’ve said before is one of my favourite long weekends. Once it gets here I always have so much to look forward to, all of summer! Some years though, it’s hard to look forward to summer when it’s basically snowing and feels like winter. This year…talk about amazing weather.   

We did our annual canoe trip and it was great. The sun came out, it was relaxing and what possibly could be better then 7 hours down a calm river with nothing else but to enjoy nature.       After the canoe trip we enjoyed the weekend hanging out at the cottage. We hung out on the dock, we went out boating, we listened to music…it was a great long weekend.   

And to finish off I got my hair done. The start to summer is always my favourite time to freshen up. Brighten the blonde, chop the dead ends. You’ll feel so refreshed by getting your hair done.    

 I am really loving the new hair style that’s fresh blunt lines. So summery in my mind! 

I hope everyone’s long weekend was as relaxing and fun as mine. Only a few more weeks until July…which means schools out for the summer!      

– tal xo 


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