Life Lately…

I can’t believe it’s already mid May. I sometimes seriously wonder where the time goes? It feels like it was just September, and here we are almost heading into summer again. Oh how I love summer. There’s one thing we do in May that actually makes me feel like summer really is almost here, and that’s the canoe trip.   

The canoe trip use to be a 2-day adventure where we slept over and camped. But the past couple of years we have just made it a one day thing. Canoe for the day, eat lunch, eat yummy snacks and enjoy the sun. I love it.  

This past weekend, we had Mother’s Day. I think that Mother’s Day weekend should be a long weekend. Who’s with me on this one? It’s always such a busy weekend and Sunday is so packed full of fun, that you get no weekend relaxing time. Which is why we need the Monday as well. We went to church Sunday morning, then visited with family and had a delicious dinner to end it off.  

Lately I’ve had two addictions when it comes to the kitchen. Smoothies and apple & peanut butter. Smoothies are the best way to start off my day, and apple/natural peanut butter is the perfect snack full of protein to kick off that tired spell.    

And to finish off, here’s an update of the little man. I think it’s time for Auntie Tal to go shopping and buy him a new Auntie onesie, I never thought I’d see the day where he actually outgrew clothes!  

And that’s life lately.    

– tal xo    

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