Shop Local, Eat Local. 

As I’ve mentioned previously, I love Elora. It’s such a beautiful, unique little town with so much to offer. And I feel it is so important to support local, for so many reasons. Why buy food from a billion dollar business when you could support a small business with locally grown organic food?   On Saturday morning my mom, sister, Parker and I went to the Elora Market. I had actually never been to it before, they had it going all last summer too but I always seemed to go to St.Jacobs market instead. I thought I would check it out on Saturday and support local. It’s small, quite small but it’s a nice little market. You can’t go with things in mind to buy, go open minded and just see what you see. The super cool thing they had, was they were making homemade bagels in the on site pizza oven! Now they weren’t gluten free so I didn’t eat one, but my sister and mom both said they were delicious.   I found some loose organic tea that tastes absolutely delicious. I steeped it on Saturday night and it was so yummy and only $4 for the bag. I also bought granola that was homemade and tastes great. It was only $3.75 for the container. Buying fresh and local items can save you money, you get much better flavours and you’re supporting a small local business which just totally fills my heart. I will definitely be back to the market…and probably soon as I don’t see this granola lasting long!     

granola and vanilla greek yogurt…delicious way to start the morning

We ended the morning by going to our favourite coffee shop, Ashanti. I ordered my favourite tea and my mom ordered an iced cappachino, the iced cappachino was a-mazing. It tasted so delicious. I cannot stand Tim’s ice caps…I think they’re gross and filled with crap. This was on a whole other level of deliciousness. If it’s a hot summer day and you are looking for a drink to cool you down, head to Ashanti.   And of course on the way back to our car we stopped in at Epiphany. They had some fantastic dresses and I always love their sun hats. Plus their change rooms, are just so unique and great. 

 Shop local. Support local. & take a trip down to the Elora market on Saturday mornings! 

“Keep your money closer, so your community can go further.” 

– tal xo 

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