Where to: do yoga. 

Yoga, the true love of my life. I could practice yoga every single day of the week if time permitted. It calms my mind and body while at the same time I get an amazing work out.

 Well amazing work out…that can depend. I’m a yogi snob. I judge yoga…big time. And I blame that on my friend P who owns Power Yoga Canada. My first experiences of yoga were years ago with her and I have never been able to enjoy fluffy duffy lame-o yoga ever since. I need to leave sweating… simple as that. 

Long story short I have been going to the gym instead of yoga since about January because as I’ve mentioned before PYC in Waterloo closed. Sometimes I make the drive to Moksha in Waterloo on Erb St. but it’s just.so.far. So far. I’m talking 40 minutes each way with no traffic. So I decided to try out the yoga in Fergus. There is a studio called Shakti Power Studio downtown on the Main Street above the old general store. I was nervous. So nervous. How could the little town of Fergus provide a yoga class that ticks all my important boxes?  

who wouldn’t want to practice yoga in this beautiful studio?
But it did!! I’m telling you, this yoga is amazing. It was hard. I mean so hard. My legs were shaking my arms were sore, but by the end of the class in final savasna I felt amazing. My mind was at ease after a not so positive day and my body was finally relaxed. That’s when you know the class was a success. The best part, was although it wasn’t hot yoga I still left dripping in sweat…I LOVE that.  
nothing beats an amazing yoga class.

I encourage everyone reading this to practice yoga. Whether it’s hot or not, whether it’s in Fergus or Waterloo…just try it. And encourage others to do it with you. Encourage others in life, it’s amazing what a few positive simple words can do for another’s soul. Why ruin someone’s day by bringing them down when instead you can light their candle and make them feel amazing. 

– tal xo 

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