A Good Bra Makes all the Difference.

This past weekend my mom and I decided to venture to Oakville. My home away from home. My absolute favourite city, and where one day I would love to live. And while we were there I learnt something new, (by the way, if you’re a man reading this post…you may not be interested!) that buying bra’s in a high end, little shop is SO the way to go. I am never, ever stepping into La Senza ever again.

This little shop, inside story, had the most amazing customer service…ever. Within seconds I felt so comfortable and welcomed by the owner. Shortly I realized I had been wearing the wrong sized bra for years. Not only that, but uncomfortable bras and bras that really do nothing for the appearance of the ladies. Let me just add in that I have never cheaped out on bras, I’ve always bought the higher end bras from LaSenza usually spending $45-$50. (Which I thought were a decent quality bra.) Oh was I wrong.

I was in heaven in this amazing little store. Lida brought in the most amazing, comfortable, pretty bras after sizing me and listening to exactly what I wanted. I had told her my only restriction was price…I didn’t have $150 to spend on a bra. So I ended up buying a completely different size than normal, most comfortable bra for only $58! (The service alone would make me spend that money any day over spending it at a chain store where they barely say Hi.)

If I can suggest anything to anyone, it would be to make a trip to downtown Oakville to inside story fine lingerie. (They also have a location in Mississauga, but I haven’t been there.)

To finish off, we of course had to stop at the Toronto Premium Outlets before making our way to my cousins 4th birthday party (which btw, nothing beats a night spent at a Ninja Turtle Party!!) And of course, there were sales. Oh so many sales. Here’s a few of my findings from Gap and J.Crew.


Sweater from Gap…reg. $54 on for $11.
Gap, cardigan reg. $44 on for $9…jeans reg. $70 on for $40.
Dress, Gap reg. $59 on for $27
Skirt, J.Crew reg. $89 on for $25

So the lesson learnt here, is every female reading this blog needs to be sized for the perfect bra. You will be absolutely amazed at the difference it makes in both comfort and how they look.

“Bras are like friends, the good ones never leave you hangin.” 

– tal xo


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