5 Travelling Tips for the Plane

When it comes to travelling on a plane, it can be so hard deciding what to wear(I mean you obv have to look good), what to bring (you don’t want to be bored), & what to eat (healthy AND gluten free, so tough). All these questions, and no idea where to find the answers. 

Well I’m going to try and be a bit of help to any new travellers. Now I am no expert by any means, I don’t travel via plane very often but from my experiences here is what I’ve learnt. 


1. Bring a backpack. Such a great carry on. It’s comfy, it fits a ton and as long as you buy the right one, it’s stylish. My suggestion, Herschel.  Absolutely love and adore my Herschel backpack.   2. Wear a scarf. Say what? A scarf? Why? Well here’s why, because it’s stylish, because it’s warm when you’re still in Canada and can be easily taken off when you arrive to your warm destination and because you can use it as your pillow on the plane.   3. Tights. Ahhh my love for tights. I love tights in any given situation but they solve every single uncomfy plane problem. They’re so comfy, they’re warm enough but again not too warm and they look great. Try either Lulu Wunder Unders or a fun funky pair from somewhere like Garage.   

4. Heys. I can’t say enough about my Heys luggage. I love it. I have a big suitcase and little and I am utterly in love with both. They pack in both sides which makes it not only WAY more organized (this really helps calm my OCD tendencies while packing) but also allows you to fit way more in. Plus, they look great. Keep your eyes peeled for when they go on sale at Sears or The Bay. 


5. Healthy snacks. It is so hard to find healthy, gluten free snacks at the airport and on the plane. So you know the solution? Bring your own. Kind bars are a great source of protein, taste delicious and are both healthy and gluten free. (Don’t you dare buy one at the airport, they charge like 4 bucks, bring them with you.) Always research what you’re allowed to bring through customs. Going to Cuba I could bring both fruit and cheese on the plane. It just had to be consumed before we got off the plane. So I made a healthy gluten free picnick. GF crackers, cheese, sliced apples, strawberries & grapes. And of course brought an empty waterbottle and filled it once I passed security at the water fountain. Talk about saving money and eating healthy! 

 There you have it, my top 5 travelling on a plane tips. Now, when can I go on a plane again?! 

“A mile of highway will take you just one mile…but a mile of runway will take you anywhere.” 

– tal xo 

Ps. A 6th tip that is just as important as the other 5…good Sony or Bose headphones. Nothing is worse than watching 4 hours of movies on the plane with painful, annoying little earbuds. The best way I kept entertained was by wearing my amazingly comfortable head phones to watch Big Hero 6. (Can you tell I’m a kid at heart?!) 



2 thoughts on “5 Travelling Tips for the Plane

  1. I bring a sweater instead of scarf. Kind bars are the best! Plus gf crackers. iPod for music. Paperback book (light-weight). The empty water bottle is a good idea. I’ll be traveling in a couple of weeks – good review, thanks!

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