Cuba…can I go back yet?

I’m back. Yay woohoo. Ok I’m lying, take the yay and woohoo back. I’d rather still be laying on the beach in Cuba, in the 35 degree weather…sipping on a cold drink listening to the ocean. But I’m not. In which case I will start to enjoy the very spring like weather that we finally have here in Canada. 


Here are just a few pictures from my trip and once I get back into the rhythm of things, I will write a couple full posts on things like what to travel with, what to bring on the plane, what’s amazing about Cuba. Those are to come! But for now a few trip pics. 

heys & herschel…best travel luggage. ever.
starbucks & airports…life was complete at this very moment.


& we’re off. i love planes.

look at that water!
pure paradise.


There you have it, acouple pictures of my trip to Cayo Santa Maria. If you’re trying to pick a trip destination I have one word for you, Cuba. Do you see that beach?!? Happy Tuesday! 🙂 

“You can shake the sand from your toes, but it will never leave your soul.” 

– tal xo    

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