Happy Hoppin Thursday!

Happy Hoppin Thursday!! (Sorry, too cheesy?) It’s almost Easter! And I have to say, Easter is a holiday I love, for many reasons. First of all, it’s always at the beginning of spring so the weather is just starting to get nice. Second, I get to hang out with my amazing family. And third, it’s a long weekend (and let’s be serious, who doesn’t love a long weekend?!). But this year I won’t be here for Easter because I will be in Cubaaaaaa!!


Let’s just say I am slightly excited to be laying on the beach, with a girly drink in my hand, relaxing. Oh how I absolutely cannot wait. 


But as for all of you who are here celebrating Easter, I have some advice. Wear bright, springy, fantastic outfits to your family dinners. I mean come on, this is the perfect time to pull out your spring clothes and lock those black winter clothes up. And before your family dinner, head over to Mosaic Spa in Fergus and get a pedicure so you can throw on your birks without being totally ashamed of your feet. 


Another tip to do before family dinner if you want to brighten up, get your hair done. Nothing brightens up your face more then a fresh haircut and a few highlights. You wouldn’t believe what a difference this can make. 


And the last tip of the day, enjoy your family. Enjoy the time spent with some of your aunts, cousins, uncles, grandparents that maybe you don’t see very often. Play games, talk, hang out. Enjoy and relax and of course believe. Believe in both the bunny AND in Jesus, it’s amazing what believing can do. (I mean I believe and the bunny still finds me…) 

“Silly rabbit, Easter is for Jesus!” 

– tal xo 

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