Spring & Summer Shopping 

Hello April…I can’t believe you’re here tomorrow. Where has the time gone? I honestly can say that it feels like yesterday when I was at the cottage for the long weekend before school started, so sad summer was over…and now here we are, and I’m starting to buy summer clothes. Hallelujah.

I never thought I’d say this…I really didn’t. But if you’re looking for new summer clothing, check out Garage and Old Navy. I never shop there. Ever. But recently when I’ve been looking for my trip, I popped into both those stores just by chance. And oh my goodness, they are full of cute reasonably priced summer clothes. And just a tip, Old Navy quite often has “an extra 30% off today only” or “20% off if you use this code”. Sign up for their emails and save!!

bought all of that. the cute cover up, pink bathing suit & the flip flops.
their cover ups are fantastic.
their cover ups are fantastic.
how absolutely fantastic are these? stylish & comfy & will be perfect to wear on the plane.

Another great store to check out is Winners. Now you have to be in the right mood, ready to search for good deals and for your size but you can find some great stuff there. I bought this mug to bring to Cuba (so I don’t waste 2000 plastic cups) and it was only 5.99. Everywhere else they were 10-15.

Spring is here and summer is coming, get shopping. Fashion this time of year is just so fun! And remember, always remember, please don’t forget…look for deals.

“I really need new clothes.” – me. every morning. 

– tal xo


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