Good Food…Good Company.

Picking the perfect place to eat can be very difficult. It’s ok to enjoy lunch or dinner out once in awhile, but it’s important to be careful where you eat and what you order while doing so. And if I could give any advice, it would be to always, always, always find a non chain restaurant. If you’ve heard of the restaurant name before, don’t eat there. 🙂


My friend and I were going out for dinner for her birthday. We sat and googled nearby restaurants for about 30 minutes having such a hard time making a decision. (I told her it was her birthday, so it was her decision…she disagreed and told me I had to decide!) What we came to realize was holy moly there are a ton of chain restaurants. I dislike chain restaurants, as I am sure you are already aware of. They serve meals that have been frozen, full of preservatives and even when I order the healthiest option on the menu, I still leave with an unhappy tummy. So we decided on the Princess Cafe. I have talked about this café once before on my blog, and after going again I just have to brag. It’s amazing. The menu is so great, there are gluten free options and it’s all made from fresh healthy product made right before your eyes. Jess and I both ordered a sandwich and soup (it was absolutely freezing cold Friday night and even snowing, so soup hit the spot). I ordered the turkey sandwich with tomato and goat cheese soup. O-M-G…so delicious. Good food, good company…no better way to spend a Friday evening.


So all I’m saying here, is really do your research when you’re going out for dinner. Don’t waste both your calories and money on something that isn’t going to be satisfying and is going to make you leave feeling sick.

After dinner I went to a hot yoga class, if you’re looking for the perfect way to end off your week on a Friday evening, it would be going to Moksha Yoga in Waterloo and taking their 7:30 Karma class. It is a $5 donation to charity so you don’t have to have a pass to go. Bring your friends, or go alone..whatever it is, I’m telling you this is an amazing way to end off a great week.


And I mean come on, if we’re ending off our week nicely then we have to end it with a little Starbucks. Starbucks has recently changed their tea from Tazo to Teavanna. I was always a big fan of their Tazo tea, but let me tell you, their new green tea is absolutely delicious. It just hits the spot when you’re cold and need to be warmed up.


Since we’re talking healthy options I’m just going to add in a great breakfast idea for you all. Poached eggs on a rice cake with a green smoothie on the side. This has been my go to breakfast this past week and it has been hitting the spot perfectly. Try it out!


There we have it, I gave you a few things to think about…where to eat out, when to take a yoga class, where to get some yummy tea and of course a breakfast idea. Enjoy this beautiful Sunday.

“Don’t settle. Don’t finish crappy books. If you don’t like the menu, leave the restaurant. If you’re not on the right path, get off it.” – Chris Brogan

– tal xo

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