Mill Street Shopping

It’s spring, woohooo, yay, horrrrrray!! I love Spring, absolutely, totally, love it. It means so many future months of nice, warm weather to look forward to. Which means, cute fashionable outfits to wear. I mean, I know we can try as hard as we want to look good in Winter, but no matter how hard you try…you will always look cuter in Spring. Get out there, and enjoy this beautiful weather!

mill7When it comes to shopping there is one thing I love to do, support small and local businesses. I have always wanted to open a business of my own, so when I see others diving into their dream and running a place they love, I want to support them. There is no where better to do this than Mill St. in Elora. I have written a blog post previously about shopping there for Christmas gifts, and now there is a whole new reason to go down there and shop. The weather is beautiful!!

Shopping in a mall sucks. Plain and simple. First of all, you’re supporting big, huge already millionair companies, second you are wearing clothes that everyone else has, and third you’re stuck indoors. Now don’t get me wrong, I do my fair share of shopping in both malls and chain stores. I will admit that. BUT when I have the opportunity to shop local, and walk around outside between stores, I do. Downtown Oakville and downtown Elora are the two absolute best places to do this.


Yesterday, my sister, Parker and I went for a stroll downtown Elora. We were on the hunt for a shower gift. Although you may end up spending a tad bit more on certain things, it’s ok because you know the quality is way better and you’re supporting an individual. Not only did we find what we were looking for (which I can’t mention because the receiver of this gift may be reading my blog) but we had a great time doing it.

Epiphany, I love this store. They are a twin of Anthropologie only smaller. Unique, fashionable clothing for a great price. I found both of these hats, and loved them. I ended up buying the hat in the first picture because I have been looking for one like this for so long, and could never find it. Anything I found was crazy expensive and I didn’t love. This was $14 and I love it. The second hat, would be great for the beach. Stylish and only $20. If you’re looking for a new summer hat, check out this store.


How awesome is this store? Anthropologie's twin or what! So bright and fun...totally ready for Spring.
How awesome is this store? Anthropologie’s twin or what! So bright and fun…totally ready for Spring.

As we were shopping we stopped at Ashanti for a drink. And we ended up getting a treat too. They had so many gluten free treats, I couldn’t pass it up! This lemon square was to die for. It was so deliciously delicious. Mmm. My sister got a coffee and I got a lemon ginger tea, the tea is so yummy and my sister said their coffee is better than anywhere else.


Lastly, I just have to mention my awesome new shoes. Now, sadly I didn’t buy these at a local store. I bought them at Soft Moc, where I get a teacher discount AND I bought the kids shoes because why not? They’re literally half the price. If you have small feet, buy kids shoes. White Converses…my new love. I love my black converses, so I figured I should have a white pair to wear in the Spring/Summer, and I am already in love.


“Life is unpredictable, it changes with the seasons, even your coldest winter, happens for the best of reasons, and though it feels eternal, like all you’ll ever do it freeze, I promise spring is coming, and with it brand new leaves.” – e.h.

– tal xo


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