Fantastic Friday…It’s Spring Break!

Yay for Friday and an even bigger YAY for March Break! The best thing about this years March break is the weather. Not only do we get to enjoy some time off with family and friends, but we get to do so in sunny, spring weather. Love it. Absolutely love it. 

Hehe this made me laugh! Except I’ll miss my kiddos a ton over the break, so I’ll allow them to talk to me! 😉

I have a feeling I may be spending a lot of time over the break with my main man, Parker. I think he’s already figured me out, that I spoil kids rotten. I don’t understand how he realized this so quickly. But last night I babysat Parker while my sister went out with her husband for her birthday dinner. So I went up to my room to put away clean laundry, and set P on the bed…what did he do? He screamed. The boy who never screams, screamed. So I let him. I thought, this is ok he’ll stop. Nope. Didn’t stop. In fact, he screamed louder…and louder. Until Auntie Tal gave in and picked him up…how does this boy control me already? I need to learn how to not spoil kids so much. But until then…P will be spoiled…rotten. 

Caught my “teacher look” on camera…only instead of to kids, to Oliver.

Over the break, I am so looking forward to having all the time in the world to go to the gym and yoga, cook healthy food and enjoy time outside. I know many people say that when they are on holidays or during weekends they eat worse then during their regular routine. But I love nothing more than having time to cook big, healthy, time consuming meals. If you’re looking for new recipes search through my blog and try some out! 

Happy Friday and happy Spring Break!


– tal xo 

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