Oakville; My True Love. 

Happy Monday! I hope all of you enjoyed every last second of your weekend. I love weekends. I mean really, who doesn’t? This weekend my mom and I drove down to Toronto to visit with P and G. (My old skating coach, the people who welcomed me into their home while I went back to school, my mentor, and absolute most generous people in the world.) I love nothing more but catching up with some amazing people. 

After our visit, we went downtown Oakville to Lakshore. I’ve talked about Oakville before, and I will talk about it again. I love downtown Oakville. The shops are fantastic and the atmosphere is just great. We parked and then wondered down the street, shopped and drank Starbucks. 

The Anthropologie in Oakville is great. I’m not sure why, but I always find way better deals at this specific Anthro then any other. I found a couple sweaters that I loved. The reason I love and highly suggest Anthro is because it’s so different. The clothes have a different look to them, they’re a high quality and almost everytime I wear their clothes I get compliments. 

This first sweater was regular a lot, one hundred and something. And it was on sale for $45. This second sweater I just adore. I love love love it. It’s a sweater jacket, which makes it even better because I can wear it for so many seasons. It looks great as a sweater, but also can be worn as a coat. It was regular $178 and I bought it for $60. And lastly, these pants. I apologize that this picture is so bad, unfortunately you cannot see the incredible detail in the pants (if you zoom in on the pic you can kind of see the detail). They had a lace overlay and and zippers up the back. Every last detail was perfected. (I didn’t actually buy them or the pink sweater because well let’s be serious…I do not need more clothes.) 

Although I didn’t get any crazy sales this time, I still paid less than half of the original price on the sweater jacket. And for the quality, it’s totally worth it. 

Hope your Monday’s are full of sunshine, smiles & smoothies. Let’s enjoy this week, and remember, spring is on its way!!

– tal xo 


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