Happy Friday!

Friday is here…yay!!! Let’s all remember to enjoy this weekend ahead, every last second…because by Monday we’re all going to say, where did the weekend go? So relax, enjoy and do everything you do love to do with the people you love.

I think instead of words…I’m going to write this post with mostly pictures. Short and simple.

It’s all about the simple things, right? Like enjoying my delicious green drink every morning in my new favourite Mason Bar Company cup. You can find them at Indigo for $18. Drinking out of glass is so much better than plastic, plus this doesn’t spill so makes for awesome travelling.

Sometime, this is just the truth.

Auntie Tal, you have GOT to stop making me watch Survivor. It’s in its 500th season don’t you know that? (I’m only a month old and I even know this show sucks.)

Go out there and enjoy this beautiful day with a smile on your face and good vibes seeping out of your skin.

“God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say “thank you?” – William A. Ward

– tal xo


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