How To: Live Healthy.

I have a few little tips and a recipe that can make eating healthy that much simpler. I understand that it is cheaper, more convienient and way quicker to eat unhealthy food. But let’s think long term here, do you care about your body? How it looks? How it feels? Well then simple, eat healthy.


My first tip is so very simple. Only buy healthy food. When you’re grocery shopping, simply refuse to buy unhealthy junk. It’s a lot easier to leave the bag of cookies on the shelf at the store, then it is to never open the bag of cookies in your cupboard at home. What is in your cupboards, you’re going to eat. So don’t fill them with crap.

Next up, prepare your food when you get home from the grocery store. It’s a lot simpler and quicker to throw together a container of veggies to snack on at work, from an already washed and cut group of veggies in the fridge then it is to wash and cut everything each time you want to have veggies for a snack. The second you get home from the grocery store, wash and cut all your veggies. Put them in a Tupperware and into your fridge. This makes snacking on healthy food so much easier. You can even do this with fruit as well…and something like strawberries, you don’t even need to use an actual Tupperware. Just put them back into the container they came in.


Lastly, go to the gym after work (if at all possible with yours and your kids/husbands/families schedule). This helps your health in more ways then one. First and most obvious, going to the gym is great for your health and body. But second, this prevents you from coming home and binge eating everything in sight just because you’re bored and want to munch on something in front of the TV. I find going to the gym or yoga after work is great because I don’t bored-eat. And then when I get home from the gym, it’s time to make dinner anyways. It’s the perfect way to prevent snacking and staying healthy while doing so.


Here is a quick and easy recipe for a breakfast or snack. I quite often bring this to work with me for my morning first break snack because the high protein in the greek yogurt ties me over until lunch. Add any kind of fruit you have ready in your fridge and make sure the greek yogurt is 0% and plain in order to not add sugars to your snack.

Granola & Fruit

– 0% plain greek yogurt
– granola (gluten free for those of you GF peeps)
– fresh fruit

Directions: Add all ingredients to a bowl (or Tupperware container if bringing to work), mix & enjoy.

So those are my quick little tips on easy ways to be healthy. Hope it helps. And to send you all off on this beautiful Wednesday morning, the latest pic of me and the little man.


“Don’t focus on being skinny. If you clean up your diet and exercise regularly, your weight will take care of itself.”

– tal xo

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