Exist to be Happy

Happiness is a wonderful thing. Throw it around everywhere you go. And when someone else is bringing you down, try your very hardest to ignore and move on. Focus on you, focus on your happiness and what makes your life wonderful.


Just to keep you all posted on my nephew situation, I still have yet been able to see or hold him. Although this doesn’t exactly create happiness I’m trying to stay positive and understand that I will see him when I see him. BUT he is healthy, and eating great so that part makes me extremely happy. The little guy is quite content living at the hospital for now…(if he only new how cool his Auntie is, he’d be rushing outta there.)


And lastly, on the topic of happiness, strawberry milkshakes. I’m all about health, and boy do I love my breakfast smoothies, and my post yoga smoothies, and my after work smoothies, but I just tried a new dessert smoothie…wow. Deliciousness.


Strawberry Milkshake 

– 1 banana
– 4 frozen strawberries
– 2 scoops of French vanilla ice cream
– 1 tbsp of homemade strawberry jam
– 1 cup of almond milk

Directions: put everything in a blender, and mix. Voila.

It’s important to realize that life can be short, life can throw many surprises at you, so live life to its fullest every day. Enjoy every second.

“Exist to be happy, not to impress.”


– tal xo


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