Winter & the Living is…Cold

It’s cold. It’s snowy. It’s Canada. Everyone loves to remind me when I complain about winter that I live in Canada. Thank you everyone for reminding me of this, but as a matter of fact I didn’t actually choose to be born in Canada, god played a sick joke on me and delivered me in Canada when I actually should have been born in warm California. I love the sun, I love the warmth and I love fashion that much better when it’s warm out. But since I am Canadian (and don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Canada, I just dislike the cold winters) I will deal with it by booking trips south when its cold here.


I booked a trip to a 5 star in Cayo Santa Maria Cuba and am so beyond excited for it. I have already started looking at bathing suits, cover ups, shorts and sunglasses online deciding what all I need for this trip. When you pay the price of a trip, whether it’s a good deal or not (which of course, seeing as it’s me who’s talking, I got a good deal)…you then need to add in the couple hundred of dollars you are going to spend in fashion apparel to look good while on your trip. A tip from me to you, if you’re going south book far enough in advance that you have plenty of time to find sales on clothing, bathing suits etc. A great place to find bathing suits for a good price is Winners, keep an eye on sales at Sunglass Hut for sunglasses and online at Victoria Secret for cover ups.

Everytime I get sick of the cold, I dream of this and picture myself on that exact lounge chair...ahhh can't wait.
Every time I get sick of the cold, I dream of this and picture myself on that exact lounge chair…ahhh can’t wait.

Although it is important to be consistently healthy through out the entire year, I am even more focused on health right now as the trip is coming…this means healthy cooking, and lots of it. The other night I was craving Chinese food. I wanted it so bad, but knew I didn’t want to either spend the money on ordering in or eat a pile of greasy food. Instead, I made my own shrimp fried rice and it was delicious.

Shrimp Fried Rice


– 2 eggs
-2 cups rice
-1 cup peas
-8 pieces of shrimp
-olive oil
-soya sauce
-green onion

Direction: Cook rice according to package, set aside. Heat olive oil in a pan and crack two eggs into the pan, scramble them into tiny pieces. Throw green onions in and saute them with the eggs.  Cook peas according to package, once cooked add to the eggs. Cook shrimp in the pan with the peas, onions and eggs. Once everything is cooked, add the rice and mix. Put soya sauce and ginger onto the rice and stir. Let simmer for approx. 5 minutes and voila, enjoy!

Since I am still in Canada, in the cold, cold winter…I will talk about some winter fashion because as easy as it would be to wear warm track pants and a big sweater everyday from December to March…I refuse to let you all do so. I got this sweater and scarf for Christmas and they came from Nordstrom in the States. If you’ve never read the blog Pinterest Told Me To, check it out! She has some seriously great fashion advice, although it is all clothes from the States instead of Canada. Nordstrom has EVERYTHING on their website, I mean everything. So much great stuff. I am bound and bent I can find this same sweater here in Canada so that I can share it with all of you blog readers, so incase you don’t want to order from the States you could buy it here. (I will let you know when my hunt is successful.) Scarves & lace, two things that scream fashion.
cuba3cuba7Only a few more short months until the weather starts getting warmer, so while winter lasts, lets enjoy the beautiful snowy white days while the sun is shining.

“things I love about winter; watching it snow from inside your warm house.”

-tal xo

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