Tis the Season to be Jolly (and fashionable!)

Fashion, oh how I love fashion. And lets all get something very straight, just because it is winter does not call for frumpy, too big, ugly clothes. I totally understand it is cold outside, and yes I also understand that sometimes you want to put a hoodie and trackies on but NOT all the time (and come on, lets be serious there are tons of stylish track pants out there these days). Fashion in Winter calls for style, cozy, boots, hair in curls, make up, yoga & green drinks. So now lets talk about how to accomplish this.


First up, hair. Curls are so in right now. Straight hair when I was in highschool was the hairstyle everyone wanted. People did anything and everything to get straight hair, and lets just say I was one happy camper about this. I have the straightest possible hair. It’s always straight, even if I blow dry it with a round brush and try to give it volume and body…nope still just as straight and flat as can be. But once the curl style came into play, I was scared. Oh so scared. How am I ever going to have stylish hair, my hair does NOT curl. So I moved into the world of straightner curls. These worked…they worked okay. But the new thing is a curling wand, and lets just say these things work wonders. You can have thin hair, thick hair, dull hair, big hair…and a curling wand will give you perfect curls. I am all about the name brand hair products and appliances, but believe it or not there is a curling wand at Wal-Mart for only $30 and it is amazing. If you want curls, buy this Conair curling wand.


Once you’ve completed the curly hair look, it’s onto make-up. Now I could (and will) write a full blog about make-up, but for now I am going to tell you about the latest eyebrow shadow that I have come across and LOVE. The other day my friend was over fixing her make-up so I asked her how her brows always look so perfect and she said well it’s simple, Anastasia Brow Powder Duo (click on this link to order it online right now, I use the colour Taupe). Right then and there I knew I needed it. So I googled it, and it told me I could find it at Sephora. I instantly went out and bought it. If you need help with your brows, buy this shadow, it is amazing.


So since were talking winter style, I know how badly people want to curl up on the couch in trackies and watch a good Christmas movie. Which, is totally fine. But come on, you have to look good doing it. Recently I bought a pair of the most comfortable, stylish track pants from H&M. They were on sale for only $15!! And to go along with them the best slippers I have ever owned, Ugg slippers. I understand people may have a hard time paying $100 for slippers but if you’re going to wear them every single day for 5 years straight, in my mind $100 is nothing. Put your H&M tack pants on, grab your Ugg slippers and turn on the movie The Holiday…you will be set.


I realize that Christmas calls for a lot of sweets, no time for exercise, and a tummy feeling very full and bloated. This is the perfect time to make those green juices daily. Here is an easy, delicious smoothie recipe that you can make every morning to make sure your body is getting what it needs.

Green Smoothie


-2/3 cup milk (or almond milk)
-1/3 cup frozen mixed berries
-1/3 cup vanilla greek yogurt
-1/3 cup baby spinach
-1 frozen banana
-1 tsp organic raw honey

Directions: Mix all ingredients in blender, enjoy!

As many of you may know, it’s ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!! I can barely contain my excitement. I love Christmas, I can’t wait for Christmas. It’s almost here!!! I feel this past weekend really brought out the Christmas excitement because of both a family Christmas dinner and the Alma Santa Claus Parade, oh and lets not forget “Dress like an Elf Day” this past Friday at school. (My kindies were so confused how I woke up as an Elf!) Are you ready for Christmas? I can’t wait!

Note: Ryan and Bret’s awkward legs…as the picture was being taken they said “wait, wait we must bend our knees and put our hands on our hips so we don’t look fat!!” I thiiiiink they may have been making fun of how I always pose in pictures…


Spend time with family, dress up and most importantly take time to just enjoy. Christmas will be over before you know it, lets all relax and enjoy it as much as possible.

“Maybe Christmas he thought, doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps is a little bit more.” – The Grinch

-tal xo


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