Yes, Yes, Yes.

Lets begin today with something simple, a simple YES. Yes I will try something new, Yes I will absolutely enjoy today, Yes I love my life. It’s all about the yes…being a yes, instead of a constant no. I mean really, why not? Yes I will be beyond excited about getting a package in the mail, because although this may be a common occurrence for most people, it’s still new to me. Be a yes…just try it. Yes you WILL have an amazing day today, and YES you are an amazing person.


Not only did I get mail, but I got awesome mail. My Positive Inception t-shirt came!! The quality of this shirt is fantastic. I may have put the shirt on the second I opened the package because I was so excited. It is soft, and thick and fits like a glove. Seriously people, if you need gifts for your friends and family…pop on over to the website. Both the women’s and men’s shirts are so reasonably priced and a great quality. (Plus you’ll be supporting an amazing business and if you’re anything like me, this will make your heart very happy.)


Although I would love to talk about my new shirt for hours, I will also tell you about a few more things you all must try. (I know it seems to my readers like I love anything and everything, I really don’t. I just only blog about things I love…if I say I love it, I really truly do. I would let you know about all the horrible recipes I’ve tried, the awful bakeries I’ve bought from, the disgusting spa’s I’ve visited…but lets be serious, that would be one depressing blog post!) So let me tell you about the one and only spa I LOVE. Mosaic Spa in Fergus…one word for you, AMAZING. This spa has exceptional staff, it’s clean, its gorgeous…it’s the place to go if you need a pedicure that’s for sure. And well, I needed a pedicure, so I paid them a visit. For any of you who have never had a pedicure, it’s a must. Try one out. You wouldn’t believe how relaxing they are, plus you leave with pretty toes. I mean really, what can beat that?


Lastly, on my way to the pedicure after work yesterday I once again needed a snack. So I was driving to the health food store to grab a smoothie when I thought I would stop at my favourite bakery Sugar Babies (on the main street of Elmira) and grab something there. I’ve bragged about her gluten free bread, muffins and cupcakes…but I have never mentioned all of her yummy individual snacks. She always has healthy and gluten free banana breads, lemon breads, granola bars. It is the perfect spot to stop and grab a quick on the go, healthy snack. I bought both a piece of lemon & blueberry loaf as well as a granola bar. Yes, you could stop at Tim Hortons for a gluten full, sugar full, unhealthy full muffin OR at a healthy bakery. Your choice.


Enjoy the simple things. A granola bar, a pedicure…whatever it is, enjoy it. Live in the now, be present and love.

“The trick is to enjoy life. Don’t wish away your days, waiting for better ones ahead.” – Marjorie Hinckley

-tal xo


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