Love Dream Believe Achieve

Sometimes you meet a specific person, at a specific time, for a specific reason. Looking back, thinking back…this happened to me. At the time, I thought nothing of it. I just thought I met an incredible person in the most random of times. But now it’s starting to make sense…I met this person in a time of hardship to help me really appreciate life and everything about it.


I met someone, and only met this person once, who really made my heart smile, and left a big impact on my life. This person was absolutely amazing. He owns a company called The Positive Inception. This guy is just bursting with positive vibes. After talking to him, I was ready to go out there and accomplish everything in the world I’d ever dreamt of. Ryan has cerebral palsy and you would never know it, although he may be in a wheelchair this guy has more positivity then anyone I have ever met. I feel as though so many of us take walking for granted, as if we’re all just given this instead of looking at it as a privilege. I met someone who unfortunately was not blessed with the ability to walk and yet still has an incredible attitude towards life. He isn’t going to let anything stop him, and boy was that an eye opener.

I’m always looking at his website, and follow him on Instagram. He intrigued me so much that I love knowing what he is up to. One day I won’t have to google search his website to see what he’s up to, because his face will be all over the news as the CEO of a huge clothing company. He designed a shirt that I just adore. Love Dream Believe Achieve. Why can’t more of us just love dream believe and achieve. Sounds easy doesn’t it? But for so many of us, we tend to complain and hate instead. Ryan makes me want to be a better person and accomplish my dreams and goals and most importantly be happy with what I have. Check out his website to finish off (or start) your Christmas shopping.


So while we’re talking about loving, dreaming, believing and achieving lets talk about one of my passions; cooking. I found a recipe from another blog and let me tell you, delicious. It is such a great healthy, sweet, pick me up treat. Not only will it hit the sweet spot but it even has protein in it to tie you over. (Snacks that don’t fill you up are the worst kind, if you’re going to snack make sure it’s filling a purpose.) Here is a picture of the trail mix I used, has all of the best nuts and seeds. I bought it from the Organic section at Zehrs.


Chocolate & Nut Bites


– dark chocolate (make sure it has 70-85% cocoa)
– trail mix

Directions: Melt dark chocolate bits (if bought in bar form, break up into small chunks) in microwave. Start at 30 seconds, stir, another 15 seconds and stir. Continue doing this until chocolate is melted. DO NOT BURN CHOCOLATE. (it’s better to put it in, take it out, put it in, take it out, instead of burning it) Put spoonfuls of chocolate onto a pan with wax paper. Spread it into a round circle with the back of your spoon. Add trail mix on top. Put in fridge for 30 minutes to set. Enjoy 🙂


Along with cooking I have a passion for yoga. It’s little talks with people like Ryan which make me realize how important it is to continue doing what I love to do. Even if the winter brings crappy driving, and nights of not being able to get to yoga…I solve this problem by doing it at home. Whatever your passions are, do them. Solve whatever the problem may be, even if the problem is simply just in your head…solve it. Remember how great life is, and how blessed your really are.


It truly is simple, do what you love and dream big. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

“Love, Dream, Believe, Achieve” – Ryan Benoit  

-tal xo

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