Hello December

It’s December. Holy moly, how did that happen? I feel like I just wrote my blog post at the beginning of November talking about Christmas. Is it just me, or does time absolutely fly by?

condos7I’m having a hard time balancing life right now, and not wasting it away. A part of me is absolutely counting down the seconds until I get my condo, I want it now…right now. But everytime I catch myself doing this I realize something; I’m wasting away precious moments of life. Moments of life that I will never get back. I am wasting away all these amazing days of being 25. I will never ever be 25 again, so I need to start enjoying it. Thinking about now, being in the now, being present. (Oh right, that was me, the girl who wrote a blog post last week about being present wasn’t it?) Time for me to check in.

With that being said, I don’t feel as though decorating my condo ahead of time is considered wasting time. I feel as though it gives me something to do (something that I LOVE to do). Finding pictures of what I want my place to look like, finding furniture on sale, finding decorations, blankets, shower curtains and the odd watch. (What does a watch have to do with my condo? Nothing. Nothing to do with it at all. But the watch was super on sale and I HAVE to tell you guys about it!!)

I have been looking everywhere for the perfect shower curtain. Only I could actually look everywhere for something that most people think would be so simple. But I wanted frills, I wanted ruffles, I wanted white. And so I found exactly that. At Target, a white frilly shower curtain for $24.99. Perfect. condos4 Constantly looking at my favourite websites (Wicker Emporium and Pottery Barn) for a chair for the living room, I came across this one. I absolutely love it. I haven’t bought it yet because it’s out of stock in all of Ontario and before I buy any furniture I must always sit on it to insure it’s comfiness. But as soon as they get this chair to the Oakville, Vaughan or Mississauga location I’m driving there asap. It’s regular $879 on for $439. condos2

To go along with my un-purchased chair, a blanket. I am so picky when it comes to blankets. First off, they need to be so comfy and cozy. A stiff blanket just doesn’t do the job. And second it needs to be worth a lot, but only cost me a little. Well did I not find the perfect blanket at Pottery Barn. The cream coloured blanket in this picture (wouldn’t it go absolutely perfect with the blue chair?!) was regular $80 on sale for $30. Umm hello!!! If I had space for 5 I would have bought every colour!!

condos5 Lastly, since I told you about my watch deal…I must show you! I have been looking for about two years for a gold watch. Gold is a tricky colour (in my mind). I don’t want to look like gold member, and I don’t want a cheap gold watch (because cheap gold watches, look cheap). But let’s be serious, with this condo coming I don’t have $250 to spend on a Michael Kors watch. So of course I found a sale (now don’t forget, this sale and perfect watch took me literally two years to find). It was at Watch Station in Buffalo on sale…ready for this…$78!!!! (American, so came to $98 Canadian on my visa). But still. 100 bucks for a gorgeous Michael Kors watch!! Be patient, you will always find exactly what you are looking for if you are patient.


Here I’ve paired the watch with a Kate Spade bangle (which I bought on sale at Kate Spade at the Toronto Premium Outlets for 50% off and an extra 20% off) along with a gold bracelet I bought from the Kargar gallery in Elora.

Don’t waste away precious moments in life. Enjoy every last second, whether it be designing your future place, shopping for your much wanted watch or hanging out with your bestie. Enjoy it. Love it. Do it.


“Hello December. You’re the last one, so be the BEST one.”

-tal xo

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