It’s Almost Christmas…

In my mind, it is almost Christmas. Yesterday was November 25, exactly ONE month away from Christmas! (yaaaay, woohooo, ahhhh can’t wait!!)


In my classroom, Christmas has clearly started. We’ve decorated the door, we’ve started preparing for the Christmas concert and the kids are already hyper. (Seriously, how can they possibly already be so hyper? I still have 4 weeks with them…ok well maybe I’ve created some of this. I’m like a little kid when it comes to Christmas.) Last year I started the tradition of decorating the classroom door which maybe I shouldn’t have because now it’s an expectation (not by adults, but by my 4 and 5 year olds). So I decided this year we would make a snowman door, of course because Olaf has been oh so popular this year. Here is a picture of the Santa we had last year and the Snowman this year.



As I’ve talked about before, I love Christmas shopping in Elora. I love supporting small businesses. If I can have anything to do with helping someone succeed in their dream, I will do it. I follow a jeweler on instagram and I LOVE her stuff, Dear Lynn Jewelry. So I had e-mailed her asking if she could make a bracelet for me. This is the picture of what she has designed so far…I absolutely love it. And the best part? It is actually so much less expensive then what I would spend in a big chain store. Crazy isn’t it. (Just think about how much money those big chain stores really are making off of us, ekkkk.) Now don’t get me wrong, I still shop at Malls in big chain stores, but when at all possible I like to shop at small independent stores (especially local) to help support.


Get your shopping started, your decorating finished and bundle up…Christmas is almost here!!!

May your days be Merry & Bright and may all your Christmas be White.”

-tal xo


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