Give Presence

Lately I’ve really been thinking about something. And that something is giving presence. Being in the moment. Truly enjoying what it is that is happening right then and there. I find with the world we live in today so many people are disconnected. They’re busy on their phone as you’re telling them all about your day. Busy thinking about what they can make for dinner as you’re telling them your most exciting news. People are always so busy doing something else instead of just enjoying and living in the moment.


Lululemon created a video and it’s called Give Presence and it’s incredible. They hit the nail on the head with this video. Check it out and really think about what they’re saying.

I have a challenge for all of my readers over the next few holidays weeks. Be there. Be wherever you are 100%. Don’t check your texts in the middle of a conversation with someone, don’t think about other things when someone is telling you something. This sounds so easy, but I know it will be a challenge for everyone to accomplish. But I absolutely promise once you start doing it, your life will feel so much more complete. That text…it can wait. That email…it will still be there in 10 minutes. Your dinner plans…dinner will get made, I promise.

Not only does your body need to be present, but your mind. You can stand in a room for hours and “be there” but not really be there. Unless your mind is totally engaged, you are missing out on so much. Focus your mind, focus your thoughts. Think about the person you are talking to, think about the conversation you are having. They will notice. If your body is there without your mind, you’re going to get lost.


Life is fun. Life is a fast fun ride. We all need to slow down a little to take in the scenery. This past weekend I went to a Christmas party and I left my phone in my purse for the full 3 hours of being out for dinner. I listened, I talked, I focused…I enjoyed. Try this, give it a chance. Don’t be scared. Be present.


“Stress is caused by being HERE but wanting to be THERE.” – Eckhart Tolle

-tal xo

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