Starlight Shopping

Christmas, oh how I love every little last detail of Christmas. The joy in people at Christmas time is unbelievable, the same store in July is not even comparable to the store in November and December. Come Christmas it’s filled with smiles, laughter and love. Last night my mom and I spent the night Starlight Shopping. Wait, what the heck is Starlight Shopping? Well downtown Elora has a night in November every year to give people the opportunity to get started on their Christmas shopping. The air was cool, the snow surrounded us and there was hot chocolate and wine served in all the stores. Let me tell you, it sure felt like Christmas.


I may have ranted in my last post about winter, but I actually don’t always hate it. When it comes to anything Christmas I love winter. And I especially love it when the roads are clear and I don’t have to worry about crazy winter weather driving. Snow means Christmas, and this girl loves Christmas. ( I mean LOVES it. Just ask my family…slightly obsessed they may even say.) I love spoiling people with gifts, I love spending time with my family and well of course I love Christmas shopping. But lets get something clear, it isn’t receiving the gifts part that makes me love Christmas so much. (And I’m seriously not just saying that.) I love, love, love spending time searching for the perfect gift for each person. I love watching someone have a huge smile on their face as they open my gift. And on Christmas morning, I would rather watch someone open a gift from me, then open a gift myself. There’s something about spoiling others that really makes my heart smile.

Downtown Elora has so many neat stores. There is a store called Macadi and she has some absolutely stunning pieces of jewelry. The best part is the prices really range so you can go in there and find just about anything for the price point you’re looking for. (There was an amazing ring I would have loved to buy myself, buuuut seeing as I was shopping for others, I put the ring back and didn’t buy it.) There is also a store called Epiphany and it is fantastic. It is basically a none chain version of Anthropologie. But with better prices. This store has the coolest stuff. From scarves to candles to purses to sweaters. When you walk in, it really feels like you’re walking through Anthropologie. They even have the candles burning. I found these pants, or should I say leggings and fell in love. They’re so different in such a cool way. I now need to go through my closet and hunt for the perfect top to go with them. They were $24 with an extra 20% off. (Amazing right?) Plus take a look at this change room…even the change room is cool! The hardwood floor, the antique doors surrounding you, the sweet mirror (that you can’t see in the picture, sorry). I kind of didn’t want to leave.


We ended off our shopping tour (I should mention, we went into way more stores then just the ones I’ve mentioned, but if I talked about how fantastic each and every one was this blog post would never end) at a brand new coffee shop. As I’ve talked about in a previous post, I would love to own a coffee shop. I think they can be so unique and comforting. And Ashanti is just that. It has the menu of Starbucks but with an amazing small town feel. You can drink your latte in the back room over looking the grand river. Pretty cool. Plus they have gluten free treats!!! (This automatically makes them cool in my books.)


Take a trip to downtown Elora and get some Christmas shopping done. It’s amazing the unique gifts you will find, I promise you won’t be let down.

“Love is what’s in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen.”

– tal xo



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