You Are Great, Own It.

I was at yoga on a cold night last week, and I had been feeling a little down. Having a rough day and just wanted to hide on my yoga mat and take a nap. I got there early so I laid down in the heat, closed my eyes and just thought about things. Eventually the teacher came in and started talking, I knew it was time to sit up but had no desire to. I considered not actually taking the class and just lying in the heat for the entire 60 minutes. But it hit me that what I needed most that night, was a yoga class. I needed to get my mind off things, focus on something positive (like my favourite yoga poses) and to stop over analyzing my life. I slowly (I mean REAL slowly) sat up…and what did I see as I opened my eyes? Right bam infront of my face the words “You are great. Own it.” It was like someone up above specifically put that shirt on the yoga instructor and placed her right infront of me. It was exactly what I needed to be reminded of. great11 I am great. You are great. Everyone is so great in their own way. But what is especially great, is shopping. (Who knew!?) I love shopping. Shopping, shopping, shopping. My mom, sister, aunt and cousin went to Buffalo shopping. We do this every year, for our annual Christmas shopping trip. It is such a great weekend away. The only problem this year, was that I didn’t exactly buy Christmas gifts…Whoops! great6 First up, Lululemon. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, there is a Lululemon outlet in Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. Last time I went it wasn’t fantastic. I liked it but it wasn’t full. This time…oh boy. Different story. There were so many nice things. I bought both a shirt and a coat that I loved. The shirt was on a “Weekend Only” sale for $19. (A lulu shirt for $19, that’s crazy.) I bought it in a larger size so that it is longer to cover my bum with tights and baggy. And next was a coat for $69 regular something like $200. It is such a classy coat, that can be worn as a dressy coat, an every day coat, however you would like. Tip: Versatile clothing is KEY! great5 great10 After we stopped at Lulu we made our way across the border to the mall. I found boots at Sperry that were so cute. As I was looking at them the lady tells me, “those are discontinued so we might not have your size”. Well lucky for me, my feet are display size. Oh how I love display shoes being size 6. So I snatched the last pair of brown boots up! As you can see in my picture…it snowed here. I mean REALLY snowed. It now looks like January…let me remind you it’s only November. (Can you tell I am less then impressed?) We need snow for Christmas, and only for Christmas. It can snow December 24 and melt December 26. So anyways, what I’m getting at was that I really needed boots. I got these boots for $100. Check out the website online if you’re interested or Journey’s at Conestoga Mall might have them as well. (I think the brown ones are sold out, but there’s a variety of different other colours.) great7great8 Do you see all of that snow? Yuck. Yesterday in class we did a survey, who likes playing in snow and who doesn’t like playing in snow. All but one kid said they like playing in snow, oh to be young again and actually enjoy that gross white stuff. Lastly let me share with you one of my absolute favourite purchases from the Buffalo trip, these cheetah print shoes. I love them. All of the fashion bloggers I follow have these shoes and I wanted them. Buuut I didn’t want to spend $50 on them. I found a pair at the Steve Madden store and they were “on sale” for $44 (American…so with the exchange rate, real expensive). I waited and found them at JCPenney, for…ready for this…$13!!!(They are on sale for $25.99 Canadian…way cheaper if you make the trip to the States to buy them!) How fantastic are they? Great   Be great. Do great things. And most importantly, wear great shoes.

“You are great. Own it” – Baron Baptiste  

– tal xo

ps. Don’t forget that if you see a word in blue, that means it is linked to a website. For example the word Sperry is in blue and if you click on it, it will bring you to those boots on the Sperry website to be purchased.

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