Life Goes On…

I read an article the other night that my friend sent me, and although the whole article was fantastic I specifically remembered one thing from it…life goes on. Life doesn’t end because one thing goes wrong in your life. It continues on, and you continue on. It’s important to remember to not let one thing affect your entire life. Whether it be money, a boy, your in laws, your career going wrong…move on, let it go…life goes on.


Go about your daily life with a positive energy, it will wear off on other people. If life isn’t going so great at the moment, think of the positive things that are going well. If you don’t have a lot of money and would do anything to go shopping to bring a smile to your face, go to your basement closet.

Wait…what? Basement closet? I thought we were talking about shopping? (Because shopping makes everyone happy, right?) Well let me just tell you, last night I went to the basement to go through old coats and throw them out. Whoever said old styles come back in, they were totally right. I found so many amazing coats that I completely forgot I even owned.

First up this military jacket, I bought this years ago (I’m talking 6 or so years ago). It has probably been sitting in my closet unworn for the past 3. And now military jackets are totally in style! This one is from Ambercrombie and Fitch. I can still remember the deal I got on it, regular $250 on sale for $100. Plus this was back in the day when Abercrombie was the coolest store to shop in. Please tell me you all remember this? Everyone loved having a shirt that said Abercrombie across the front, right!?



Next up, this long black “teacher yard duty” coat. I bought this in high school. Long coats were so in style and I searched high and low for a long coat that I could afford. I finally (after honestly searching for months) found this coat at Jacob. Unfortunately I don’t remember what I paid, but it couldn’t have been a lot because I was just in highschool with a part time job at the arena booth (best job ever). Now this coat will be coming to work with me for my yard duty warm coat, seeing as winter has unfortunately arrived.


And let’s throw in a good laugh. As I was going through these coats, my mom was going through hers. She put on this coat and I absolutely burst out laughing. What is it? I have no idea. But here’s my “what not to ever wear…EVER” part of the blog. Don’t worry, my mom was never seen in public in this. (Thank freakin goodness.)

Yes indeed that is silk you see, and what's with the awkward sized arms? Closet shopping will always bring out some good laughs!
Yes indeed that is silk you see, and what’s with the awkward sized arms? Closet shopping will always bring out some good laughs!

Let me tell you, I came upstairs after my basement closet shopping trip absolutely thrilled. I have new coats to wear!! (This is only two of my finds, there were still a couple more. An Oakley coat, Adidas coat, a wool pea coat.)


For all of my readers, friends and family who tell me they don’t have time to drive to Toronto to shop, or for those people who are going through a tough time with money, and just want something new to wear to make yourself look and feel great, take a trip to your very own closet.  It’s amazing what you forget you even have. Life does go on, no matter what the hard ache may be, there are always options. Positive thinking and positive energy equal a positive life.

“Don’t let it break you. No matter how hard it gets, life goes on.”

-tal xo

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