Be Still…

During yoga last night, the teacher really got me thinking. She asked WHY we were there. I feel as though we go through life and never know the answer WHY to everything we do. We just do it, because it’s cool or because it’s what we’re supposed to do. But sit down and actually think why are you doing what your doing? Why go to yoga? Why do you do the career you do? Why do you like shopping so much? What do all these things do for you, do they create happiness? Do they instill positive vibes into your life? Do they give you time to be you?

be still3

While thinking about this during the yoga class, I realized I go to yoga for one reason. Because I can be myself. I can be messy, I can be ugly, I can fall out of poses or I can do a pose really well. But it doesn’t matter. No one is watching me, no one cares what I’m doing and in those 60 minutes, my world revolves around me being me. So many of us (me included) strive to be perfect. And in this day in age, “picture perfect”. Our lives are published on facebook, on instagram, on all kinds of social media. And while we post pictures were constantly thinking, do I look good in this picture? Will people think I’m cool? Will people be jealous of what looks like an amazing life. When actually your living a life you’re so not happy with, but just pretending. Take a listen to this song…take a few minutes and just think. One of the most amazing yoga teachers, Denise played this song in the last few minutes of yoga while we were lying in final savasana, it gave me time to really think about me, about my life and what I want from it.

Be ugly, be messy, be YOU. Because really, that’s what the world needs. You were created, you were put here for a reason…to be you and to bring all your amazing assets into this world. So go ahead and do that. Enjoy life one day at a time, even one hour at a time because lets be serious your whole world could change by tomorrow you just don’t know it yet.

be still2

Find time to think about you, to concentrate on you. Your strengths, your weakenesses, your everything. And STOP searching facebook and instagram and wishing you looked like everyone in those pictures, wishing you had the life they did, because let me tell you from experience pictures can be very deceiving. Picture perfect doesn’t always mean picture perfect. There can be tears, hard ache, unhappiness all hidden behind those smiles.

Don’t waste life wishing to be different. You are amazing just how you are. So enjoy it.

WHY? Because what beats enjoying a latte at Starbucks with your bestest friend in the entire world.
WHY? Because what beats enjoying a latte at Starbucks with your bestest friend in the entire world.

“To live will be an awfully big adventure.” – Peter Pan

-tal xo


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