Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Living.

I know I’ve talked about yoga before, and I’m going to talk about yoga again. My blog is about food and fashion, but with healthy food comes healthy living. Do yoga. I’m telling you, DO IT. For the sake of your mind, your body and your soul. yogi Power Yoga Canada has opened a studio in Waterloo and it is the best yoga you could possibly do. My brother has made fun of yoga for years. Telling me it’s fluffy and a great time to nap etc etc. Lets just say Brady has now admitted PYC yoga is amazing, hard and a great work out. If you live in the Waterloo area there is one more free class next Tuesday September 30th at 7:30pm (60 Bathurst Dr. Waterloo.) And as of October they will have a full schedule, multiple classes everyday! AND you can buy your first month unlimited for only $40. Amazing or amazing? Some of you may be thinking I’m making commission off selling PYC, but I really just love it this much.

If Brady will try hot yoga, you can too!
If Brady will try hot yoga, you can too!
How fun does that look!?
How fun does that look!?

Next up, you need a snack after yoga. They say the best time to eat is within 30 minutes of the end of your workout. (And let’s be serious, this is when you’re starving.) There are gluten free, dairy free granola bars that hit the spot after a yoga class. KIND granola bars. And if I do say so myself, the Almond Coconut flavour is by far the best. (But feel free to try other flavours and let me know what’s good.) They are available everywhere, Costco, Target, Grocery stores and many more places. Keep your eyes open and you will find them. yogi1 Last up, Starbucks. We all know I love Starbucks, come on who doesn’t? And for some reason Starbucks really just hits the spot after yoga. But with that being said, you just spent an hour working out so don’t fill your belly with sugar. Make sure to always order skinny/non fat/no whip versions of any drinks. Here are some of my favourites: Skinny Vanilla Latte, No Whip Non Fat Pumkin Spice Latte, Shaken Iced Passion Tea Lemonade. I would love some more suggestions, feel free to let me know what YOU enjoy drinking at Starbucks.

Yes, that does indeed spell Tali. At first glance it may look like TAYL, but they were just getting fancy on me!
Yes, that does indeed spell Tali. At first glance it may look like TAYL, but they were just getting fancy on me!

Keep in mind, Starbucks has an amazing rewards system. Download the Starbucks app on your smartphone and you can pay for drinks using the app. You then receive stars for every drink you purchase. Once you get to a certain amount of stars you will receive the gold card and along the way get free drinks. Yes that’s right, FREE drinks (coming from someone who loves a good deal, I beyond love a free Starbucks drink) AND you will get a free drink on your birthday. As well as specials here and there, 25% off a latte or $2 off an espresso. If you’re going to spend money at Starbucks anyways, why not get rewards. yogi4 Yoga, granola bars & Starbucks. If you’re not doing this already, start now.

May the space between where I am and where I want to be inspire me.

-tal xo

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