Dining & Decorating

While preparing for September routines it’s important to concentrate on two things, first healthy eating and second condo decorating. Well…ok…maybe condo decorating has nothing to do with September routines but it’s just so fun and enjoyable that I’m adding it to my routine. As for healthy eating, this is huge. Summer tends to create a lot of bad habits when it comes to health. You go on holidays, travel, have dinner parties, all of which call for eating…a ton of eating. Now that September is close I’m so excited about getting back into healthy eating routines.


Let’s start with a delicious salad. This salad goes great with everything. It’s a great salad to take to work for lunch, or as a side with dinner. It’s delicious, light and very nutritious.

Orange & Almond Salad


– arugula or mixed greens or spinach (really whatever greens you have in the fridge although arugula tastes best)
– 2 oranges (if feeding a whole family)
– sliced almonds
-fennel (I tend to leave this out as it’s not something I generally have laying around, but it has great health benefits so if you’re at the grocery store and remember, pick some up)
-ground pepper

– olive oil
– orange juice
– apple cider vinegar
– honey

Directions- Rinse greens and pat dry them. Cut oranges into thin slices. Add oranges, sliced almonds and ground pepper to salad. Mix dressing in a bowl (remember if you want your honey thinner, heat it by placing it on the top of the stove near a heated element, NOT in the microwave as this removes many of honeys health benefits). Drizzle dressing over the whole salad and enjoy.

If you’re bringing the salad to work always remember to put the dressing in a separate container and mix right before eating, otherwise the greens get way too soggy. (BTW the picture of the salad is from a blog I commonly read, and try quite a few of her recipes. When I made the salad for all my friends, I realized once it was devoured that I had forgot to take a picture for my blog, so that’s why I’m using her picture. Check out her blog at Against All Grain.)

Now that you have an easy and delicious salad to enjoy, why not enjoy a little decorating. The latest trend is picture frames over your bed. Some people like just a few picture frames and others like to cluster eight or nine frames above the bed. For my future bedroom I wanted a clean and crisp look for the bedroom. I decided on three white frames with a very large matte around the picture. I looked everywhere for these frames, and finally found the ones I wanted at Chapters on sale for 25% off. If you’re going to go with the frame look over your bed it’s key to find frames on sale. If they’re not on sale and you need three to nine frames it can add up very quick.


Before decorating any room it’s very important to look at pictures on Pinterest, look through designer magazines and really know the look you’re going for before you start to decorate. It can be easy to just start buying all kinds of different things and when you put it all together your bedroom (which should be one of your favourite rooms) looks cluttered and trashy.

I have to admit to something. I know I have told you all many of times how much I hate chain restaurants (which is still very true), BUT I have a guilty pleasure and feel as though I’d be lying if I didn’t admit it to you all. The Keg. I love The Keg. The food always tastes exceptionally well, and from one location to the next you always get the same high level of steak, cooked to perfection. Bret and I were in Vaughan this weekend and didn’t know the area, so when we saw The Keg we thought we would go with it. So I am letting you all know, that I will allow you all to eat at The Keg. Not to mention if you go to the Vaughan location you can meet Spinner from Degrassi since he is now a waiter there (totally cool right!?).

He's getting really good at selfies...Lets just say when he sees me pull out my phone, he knows what's coming. Come on, we needed a selfie of us waiting at the Keg, right?
He’s getting really good at selfies…Lets just say when he sees me pull out my phone, he knows what’s coming. Come on, we needed a selfie of us waiting at the Keg, right?

Be ready for September routines; eat healthy, exercise & look good. There’s no better way to feel great about yourself. And plan for that room you’re going to decorate this winter. A well decorated room takes time, don’t rush and buy exactly what you want not exactly what you see first.

Nothing looks as good as healthy feels.

-tal xo

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