Back to School…Back to School…

Back to school…back to school… I seriously can’t believe I’m saying that. It feels like the last day of school was yesterday and already were almost heading into the last week of summer vaca. Craziness. With back to school, comes breakfasts in a hurry, lunches and what to wear. Summer is so easy to dress for, it’s much simpler to look cute and professional in the summer than it is come fall. Maybe it’s due to our drowsy attitudes that summer is over, but either way we need to spunk up and get ready to look and feel great for school & fall.

Lets start with breakfast. I know breakfast can be a difficult meal for many people as its a busy time of the day, trying to get yourself ready for work, the kids ready for school and your husband out the door. (Or maybe you’re like me and just have to worry about yourself, and even still some mornings seem rushed and busy.) My biggest tip is be prepared the night before. Have clothes set out and ironed, lunches made, and know what you’re making for breakfast. It removes so much unnecessary chaos. I love eggs in the morning, two poached eggs on a rice cake is my go to. But some people really don’t want to spend the time making eggs, so I have an alternative solution for you. Granola, nuts and fresh fruit. It’s SO simple, and so delicious and healthy. A bakery in Conestogo called Sittler’s, sells homemade granola made of oats, honey and almonds. It is so delicious. Mix this with any fresh fruit (right now I’ve been using fresh peaches) add a little almond milk and you’re good to go. Make sure you either buy granola with almonds, or add your own in order to get the protein you need to start off your day and keep you full till lunch.


Next up, lunch. Ohhh making lunches. The one thing everyone dreads. I actually have never talked to anyone who says “I LOVE making my kids and I lunches every single day, it’s the best way to spend my time!!” Nope, no one has ever said that. So once again, make sure you are making lunches the night before. Making them in the morning is wasting each and every precious minute you have to do everything else. I like to make a big Quinoa salad at the start of the week and bring it every other day. This way I don’t get sick of it, but gives me a lunch for three of the five days. Make this salad Sunday night and you can eat it up until Friday. Make SURE to buy fresh, local veggies to fill your salad as long as the veggie stands are open. Their veggies are so much better in a fresh salad then bought veggies from the grocery store. This salad is full of protein, fresh veggies and yumminess.

Quinoa Salad


– red peppers
– green onions
– carrots
– broccoli
– avocado
-sea salt & ground pepper
– freshly squeezed lemon juice
– olive oil

Directions: Cook 2 cups of quinoa (follow instructions on package, as they vary depending on brand). Cut up all veggies (remember you do not have to use the same veggies as I did, buy whatever is fresh at the time) into small pieces. Once the quinoa has cooled, mix all the veggies into the salad. Squeeze lemon juice over top, drizzle olive oil, add sea salt and pepper. Each night while making your lunch, slice half a avocado on top of the salad.

My favourite part about fall is the colour brown (so much so that I actually picked brown for my pedicure yesterday, when I normally always go pink, fall I’m ready for ya). Brown boots, brown scarves, brown coats, brown make up, brown shellac. Everything brown. It’s such a warm, calming, neutral colour that makes any outfit look great. My biggest advice, brown and neutral shoes. Brown and tan shoes are key to fall outfits. As well as brown scarves. Now that it’s going to be getting cooler you can wear a scarf with every outfit. Shoes and scarves can really add a lot of style to what originally can be a fairly boring outfit. This black outfit can really be picked up a notch by wearing the brown boots and adding a leopard print scarf. Other shoes that would look good with this kind of outfit would be tan or leopard print flats. Four things every women must own before fall is over (and preferably like now so you can use these items for all of fall).
1. Brown Boots (Nine West)
2. Leopard Print Scarf (Gap)
3. Tan Flats (Target)
4. Leopard Print Flats (Hudsons Bay Company)


 brownbrown4brown5There you have it. What to eat and what to wear to look and feel your absolute best during fall. Don’t forget to buy (once they come out) the odd pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks to really put you in the fall mood.

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

-tal xo

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